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Besides providing one of the best hospitality experiences and a beach club in Malta, 1926 Hotel and Spa also wants to give you the best itinerary for you and your loved ones in order to fully enjoy the country and everything that it has in store. There are plenty of activities, places to visit and amazing views for everyone to take in. Seasonally Malta becomes a completely different place with different places to visit so choosing the ideal time to come to Malta is key. Depending on your personality if you like the warmer months or the colder months, Malta has something for everyone. 

In mentioning this here at 1926 Hotel and Spa we want to advise safety. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of rules and regulations change drastically and we cannot say how the situation will be in the coming months, so it is wise for you to do your own research on the country’s rules and limitations. You can freely travel and enjoy your time but always remember to be safe and to keep your friends and family safe too. If you have any issues or queries feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Our number one priority is our guests.

Here we will be discussing ideas you may want to have when visiting the country and places you should visit.

1926 Hotel and Spa Beach Club

This goes without saying that 1926 Hotel and Spa we have a beach club next to the sea! You can either choose to swim at our pool in the hotel or you can visit our beach club which is situated a few minutes walk away from our hotel. This can be a great time for you to have some downtime with your friends and family. You can enjoy your time listening to relaxing music, we also have live bands playing on certain days of the week. Accompanying this you can also order food and beverages to your own personal sundeck.

The beach club in Malta also has a wide array of activities for you to enjoy so it is best for you to look out at our calendar. This will all come with an amazing view of the sea and the great Mediterranean sun beaming over you. Be sure to pack sunblock with you as it can get very hot and the UV can go very high. This is the full Maltese beach club package and we will surely not disappoint. 

If you want to go for a nice relaxing walk along the promenade the beach club is situated right at the start of the promenade. You can easily pack your things and leave them at the 1926 Hotel and Spa, or simply leave them with anyone one of your accompanying friends and family members. The walk can be a long one, but it is truly a beautiful one.

You will be greeted by the prettiest views of the Maltese coastlines and there are also some beaches where you can jump in for a quick swim. Along the promenade, there are also a lot of vendors, bars and restaurants for you to choose from, including ice-cream places and creperie for you. You walk can be accompanied by an ice-cold drink or a sweet snack. If you get tired, you can always get a bus back to the hotel which is very frequent, or you can also rent a scooter or bike which would be a fun way of exploring the promenade more efficiently and quickly. We suggest that you do so as it is enjoyable and exciting, especially with some and the distance is very short, so it will be relatively inexpensive.


Let’s say that a beach club in Malta, it’s not what you are looking for. 1926 Hotel and Spa is situated in Sliema. Already in this location there are a lot of beaches which are walking distance away from the hotel itself, you can go to Exiles or swim under the Point with the beautiful view of the Maltese fortified capital city Valletta. You can also walk to Manoel Island and also swim next to old medieval fortifications. Malta is filled with these beautiful spots for you to go swimming. There are also a lot of beaches and bays you can visit in the southern region of Malta, in villages like Marsaskala, or Birzebbugia. A lot of villages that touch the sea have their own beaches and bays so it would be smart to do your research depending on where you will be heading.

Famous beaches in Malta include: Golden Bay, St Peters Pool, Ghajn Tuffieha, Exiles and also a few beaches on our sister island Gozo.


Valletta is a harbour away from Sliema but it is very close You can go to the city via a ferry that leaves from Sliema and is very inexpensive and from 1926 Hotel and Spa it is only a 10-minute walk.. The ferry takes 15-20 minutes to arrive at the capital and it is truly a magical experience. 

Malta has a lot of fortified cities, Isla, Birgu, Valletta, Mdina and more. These were all built to defend the island against invaders, which is a common theme in Maltese history due to the fact that Malta was seen as a gateway to both Europe and Africa and it is also very easy to defend. The Ottomans and Knights built fortifications with hopes of holding the country for longer.

Walking through Valletta is like walking through a city frozen in time. It is truly a magical place that has been recently renovated and given new life. The city has a variety of museums, the national bibliography is situated there, the national museum and more. Art galleries are also big in Valletta. A lot of artists go to these galleries in Valletta to showcase what they are working on and what they have in their catalogue. Contact our staff here at 1926 Hotel and Spa if you wish any more information on the capital.

Besides this Valletta also has a great choice in bars and restaurants. The famous Strait Street in within itself is filled with bars and restaurants stacked next to each other offering everyone a great selection of tasty food from all over the world. There is also a food court in Valletta which has also been recently renovated. You will also find live music playing in certain restaurants and bars so keep your eyes peeled. 


Our sister island is a sight to behold. A place stuck in the 60s Gozo is truly quiet, simple and amazing. Going to Gozo is also very cheap even if you take up a car and the sights are wonderful. 

If you are looking for a peaceful retreat for a day or two, then Gozo is your place to be. Once you arrive you will soon realise how quiet and peaceful the place is. The beaches are relatively less populated and all the tourist and famous sights are not as full as Malta. Think of Malta but on a much smaller scale. Gozo has all the beaches you want in addition to a beach club in Malta, it has amazing Gozitan food and also fun bars that you can visit.

The Gozo ferry is very frequent and your waiting time will be very short, you might even get lucky and go straight on without waiting. You will pay once you leave Gozo, so initial boarding is very quick and hassle-free without even having to think about money. Gozo is famous for its old and beautiful churches, its hikes and small villages. If you have the time do not miss this opportunity to go on for a walk or drive in these villages because they are truly a sight to behold.

The drive to Gozo from 1926 Hotel and Spa is also not a long and ugly one. You will be greeted simply with the view of the coastline for most of your drive. You will also be greeted by Ghadira bay in Mellieha which should be another stop if you wish.