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With its azure waters, radiant sunsets, and an infinite coastline that transitions seamlessly sandy to rocky beaches and hidden coves and caves, it’s easy to see why Malta has a magnetic pull for beach lovers and explorers alike. 

While in Malta, visiting one or more of the beaches the island offers is a must: whether you’re looking to enjoy the allure of Mediterranean sea and sun, relax, or explore some of the island’s hidden gems.

From the vibrant Sliema beaches, to the mesmerising allure of Comino’s Blue Lagoon, and the endless stretches of sandy coastline in Mellieha: we compiled some of our favourite swimming spots in Malta. 

Whether you’re in Malta for a weekend, a week, or more, by the end of this blog, you’ll have a handful of fresh, top-choice swimming spots to eagerly add to your list of must-visit places during your holiday.

1. Sliema Beach

Starting off right at our doorstep, Sliema — offering a stretch of coastline with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to enjoy an early morning swim, or to unwind after a day out of exploring — you’ll find a range of options to do so. 

With its bustling lifestyle, and promenade lined with cafes and bars, you can also enjoy a nice post-swim meal, drink, or ice cream

Most of the beaches are within walking distance from our hotel, with some of the best spots nestled right in front of us. A quintessential definition of island living.

2. Golden Bay

One other must-visit swimming spot in Malta is Golden Bay. Living up to its name, this beach is known for its golden-red sand that stretches along the crystal-clear waters. 

The beach is located in Mellieha, just a short drive away from Sliema. There’s also a bus that takes you directly from Sliema to its wonderful shores in less than an hour too. 

This beach is ideal for everyone. Whether you’re looking to relax and take a dip in the Mediterranean, or engage in the array of water sports available on site. 

During sunset, Golden Bay undergoes a remarkable transformation. Couples and groups gather together to enjoy a picnic or takeaway on the beach, as the sky casts a golden glow across the landscape, making it an unmissable experience while on the island.

3. Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is a true gem among Malta’s top swimming spots. Located in the southern part of the island, this spot is a must for those looking to experience both the beauty of the Mediterranean sea, as well as Malta’s geological marvels.

The best way to reach the Blue Grotto is by hopping on one of the boat tours, that will allow you to explore the intricate caves that adorn the limestone cliffs. 

Inside, the crystal-clear blue waters create an enchanting atmosphere that’s simply mesmerising. 

Timing is key here. We suggest visiting in the mid-morning to early afternoon. This is when the sunlight is perfect for illuminating the grotto waters in all shades of blue and azure.

Photo enthusiasts — don’t forget to bring your phones and cameras with you. Not only is this site one of the best spots to swim in Malta. It’s also one that makes lenses delight with beauty, too. 

4. Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay is a true sandy haven. Located in the north of Malta, it attracts locals and visitors alike with its serene and family-friendly atmosphere.

“Ghadira”, as the bay is known by the locals, is the largest sandy beach in Malta, and is easily accessible by public and private transport. 

The shallow, crystal-clear waters make Mellieha Bay a unique, and ideal spot for swimmers of all levels and those travelling with children. 

The beach is perfectly equipped with numerous facilities, including deck chair rental services, restaurants, bars, cafes, gift shops, kiosks, and more. 

However, it’s also a great place to visit if you’re into water sports. The bay offers a range of activities for those looking for an exhilarating experience, including windsurfing and paddle boating. 

The historical sites around the bay make Mellieha an ideal town for a day out at the beach and exploring some of the island’s best views and natural environment. Don’t miss on visiting the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieha, and the surrounding area. For the more adventurous visitors, St Agatha’s Tower, perched over the Mellieha Bay is a must too, especially during sunset. 

5. Comino’s Blue Lagoon

You’ve probably seen one of Malta’s most iconic swimming spots somewhere on the internet — and for good reason. Nestled between Malta and its sister island Gozo, Comino houses the internationally-renowned Blue Lagoon.

Famous for its stunning azure waters, the Blue Lagoon is the definition of a picture-perfect location. Whether you’re looking to relax, or immerse yourself in its underwater haven to admire the rich marine life — you’re in for an unforgettable memory. 

This spot has become extremely popular. So be sure to arrive early, and ideally visit during the weekdays instead of the weekends, if possible. Otherwise, we suggest visiting in off-peak seasons to truly witness this location’s infinite charm. 

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