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You probably know by now—Malta boasts an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, giving visitors and locals the perfect opportunity to go out and explore the beautiful scenery dotted around the island. 

And although the hot summer months may make hiking in Malta a challenging, albeit not impossible, endeavour, you’ll find that the weather between November and mid-May is ideal for enjoying the Maltese countryside and Mediterranean landscapes. 

Walks in Malta: What you need to know 

So whether you’re in Malta for a weekend, a week, or even longer—there are a couple of things you need to do to plan the perfect hike in Malta. First of all, decide what sort of walk, and view you prefer. Malta offers the best of most worlds in this case—cliffs plunging into a turquoise sea, untouched Mediterranean rural landscape, picture-perfect villages and towns, and the most stunning views of the Mediterranean. You can even spot some of Europe’s most treasured historical sites on the way, all of which depict the island’s rich history, ranging from prehistoric sites to quaint chapels to noble palaces and villas from other times; the explorer in you will be enthralled! 

Walks in Malta: What you need to prepare 

So now that you’ve chosen what sort of walk you’ve got your eyes on, it’s time to start preparing appropriately! We recommend planning your trip not only to get the most out of your walk and visit all the desired sites in the area but also to ensure the hike is within your capabilities too. Don’t forget to plan how you’ll get to the starting and end points using any of Malta’s transport options—and naturally, where to stop for a quick bite during your walk or a long lunch after your long hike! After all, you’ll need plenty of energy, so why not indulge in some of the island’s culinary delights too? 

Our top 4 walks in Malta 

It’s hard to pick favourites here, as so many areas make for the perfect hiking spots around the island. However, we’ve compiled a list of our top 4 walks in Malta for you to consider during your next trip: 

Dingli Cliffs 

Dingli Cliffs is the highest point in Malta and one of the most spectacular, too. Set along the island’s western coast, Dingli Cliffs offers some of the best views and walks in Malta—whether you’re looking out at the expansive sea or looking down at the countryside below. Although the scenic route is breathtaking at all times of the day, it’s one of the best places to catch the sunset in Malta—making it ideal for a late afternoon walk. 


Malta’s old capital city, Mdina, is a must-do on your next trip to Malta. Generally considered an easy route, walking around Mdina makes for an enjoyable morning or afternoon. Surrounded by charming buildings, Mdina is a tiny hilltop, walled city in Malta with over 4,000 years of history, making it a popular destination to explore in Malta. Plus, its location means you can enjoy the view through different vantage points, including some incredible foodie gems, where you can grab a coffee, piece of cake, tapas, or a full meal! 

Our top tip for those visiting Mdina? Don’t forget your camera! The city is full of Instagrammable spots, pretty sights and details that are definitely worth a shot or two!

Golden Bay 

Golden Bay truly lives up to the “Golden” in its name and is one of the island’s most famous sandy beaches. Located in the Northern part of the island, this area isn’t popular with just beach lovers but hikers and trekkers too. This is because the area around the bay is surrounded by rocky cliffs, stunning views, and historical landmarks, including a small watchtower. Wander through these lovely areas before stopping to enjoy lunch with a view in one of the restaurants and snack bars or soak up the sun on the beach. 

Fawwara Trail

Perhaps one of the most adventurous walks in Malta, the Fawwara trail offers a fantastic trekking experience with plenty of viewpoints on the island’s western coast. Explore prehistoric temples, remote chapels, a Bronze Age village known as Il-Wardija ta’ San Gorg, and the famous Blue Grotto on this trail—making it an unforgettable experience for explorers and adventurers! 

Relax and unwind after your walk in Malta 

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