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Looking for the best hotel to book a hotel for your next holiday or business trip? You might not need to look far. 


Although third-party booking websites and online travel agencies (OTAs) have risen in popularity in the past years, reserving a hotel room directly with a hotel through their website can be the best solution for most travellers. Whether you’re looking for a better price, something unique or extra, or even looking to support your local favourite hotel, directly booking your stay with a hotel, instead of depending on any intermediaries, can benefit you in many ways and can make your stay even more unforgettable. 


In this article, we’ll share some of our expert knowledge on why booking your next hotel stay directly through a hotel website can up your booking and travelling game.


1. Exclusive offers and best price guarantee


One of the main benefits of booking directly through a hotel website is finding the best deals and exclusive special offers. Hotels periodically curate promotions and offers that might not always be available on any other website or portal. When booking via online booking websites, hotels pay a commission of up to 25% of the total booking value—and can’t necessarily extend their offers to bookings that aren’t made directly through their website or by calling them up. Hotels can also have loyalty programs in place, which means you can 

benefit from additional discounts or perks such as complimentary items during your stay.


2. Added flexibility


Unexpected things happen, especially when you’re travelling. Whether that’s a last-minute change to your itinerary, a flight cancellation, or a health or work emergency—it’s always best to make sure you book your stay with maximum flexibility. Booking platforms might not always provide a free cancellation option, as they have a strict cancellation policy. However, when booking directly through a hotel’s website, you can usually enjoy a more flexible cancellation policy. Without any intermediaries in the management of last-minute changes, hotels can have more control over how to deal with anything related to your booking, especially when providing you with any refunds or rescheduling your stay. 


3. Tailor-made stays 


One of the most significant advantages of booking your stay directly with a hotel is that they can arrange a custom-made package for you. Making your reservation directly with a hotel means the hotel is aware of anything you might need and can advise or prepare before your stay. This can include requesting a bottle of champagne to be delivered to your room to celebrate your romantic getaway or choosing your room preference. Plus, it’s better to highlight any requirements, such as a wheelchair-accessible room, allergen-free pillows, or food intolerance. Although certain third-party platforms offer some of these options—it’s like a game of telephone sometimes. With more intermediaries, there’s a higher chance of the message getting lost along the way. 


4. Direct and consistent communication with the hotel 


Excellent customer service is the ultimate loyalty program— and hotels can guarantee the utmost quality of service and customer care when booking directly through their website. With no intermediaries, such as an OTA or third-party agent, you can liaise directly with the hotel staff if anything crops up before or during your stay. With fewer parties involved, hotels can resolve any issues more efficiently and timely and with an often greater degree of flexibility too. 


5. Last-minute bookings 


Last-minute bookings can be tricky, especially during the high season or long weekends. Especially during these periods, hotels usually have reduced availability of rooms on online booking platforms. They can be sold out, or the hotel might choose to list only a portion of their rooms across all the third-party websites they work with, especially to avoid issues with overbooking. However, last-minute cancellations happen—freeing up rooms that might otherwise appear unavailable on a booking platform. If you’re trying to make a last-minute booking, or if the hotel you’d like to book seems fully booked, it’s best to check their website first. That’s because availability might be automatically updated there. Otherwise, you can try calling the hotel directly to enquire with a staff member. 


Book your next stay directly with 1926 Hotel & SPA Malta 


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When booking directly through our website, you can benefit from the best prices and additional benefits such as an extended free cancellation policy, allowing you to cancel free of charge up to 2 pm on the day of arrival! Whether you’re looking for a double or twin room, a family room or a sea view suite, don’t forget to check out our special offers section, where you can find exclusive offers for your direct booking clients. 

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