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1926 Le Soleil has reached a momentous milestone this year: our fifth anniversary. 

Just half a decade ago, we opened our doors to the public, and since then, our journey has been shaped with the warmth of hospitality, fostering unforgettable connections with our esteemed guests.

Throughout these five years, we’ve witnessed not just the growth of our hotel, but what truly fills our hearts are the amazing moments we’ve shared with our guests.

So now that we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we’re grateful for these memories and look forward to creating many more wonderful experiences for our guests in the years to come.

That’s why we feel this anniversary isn’t just ours—it belongs to those who’ve stayed with us and those who will join us in the future.

So on this special occasion, we’d like to share where we come from, where we stand at the moment, and where we’re heading in the future. 

Origins of 1926 Le Soleil: The Story of Our Beginning

One of the most common questions we receive is: “Why 1926?”

The answer is straightforward. 1926 holds a special significance—it’s the year our founder, Sunny (also known as Saviour Borg), came into the world.

Sunny had a profound love for Malta and its beautiful islands. This affection inspired us to create the esteemed 1926 Collection of hotels, where 1926 Le Soleil proudly belongs. 

Emerging from his early career in the Merchant Navy and later, in Malta’s textile industry, Sunny’s legacy lives on, with his knack for blending sophisticated elegance and luxury with the enchanting essence of Maltese culture remaining our guiding principle.

The 1926 Soleil as Part of the 1926 Collection: Sunny’s Legacy Lives On

Our approach is deeply rooted in Sunny’s legacy, and each hotel within the 1926 Collection embodies a different element of Sunny’s personality. 

A common thread of luxury, sustainability, and personalised service runs through the 1926 Collection. 

All situated within Malta’s most-vibrant locations, Sliema and Valletta, these accommodations beautifully capture the islands’ charm and culture, and embody a philosophy of timeless elegance and unwavering hospitality.

1926 Le Soleil is where Sunny’s extensive travels come to life. Reminiscent of luxury train voyages and the exclusive charm of Parisian hotels, our five-year-old hotel welcomes guests to experience the epitome of luxury complemented by an exquisite selection of premium wines.

The elegant 1926 Le Parisot, is a boutique suite hotel nestled in Valletta’s centre. Seamlessly merging history with luxury, it provides a captivating view of the sea and convenient proximity to Valletta’s UNESCO heritage sites.

The other two hotels promise to captivate and enchant just as much as Le Soleil and Le Parisot.  

Opening its doors in 2024, 1926 La Galerie pays homage to Sunny’s affection for literature, art, and theatre. A haven for artistic expression, this hotel features meticulously curated galleries and libraries, offering guests an immersive experience celebrating creativity, culture, and the world of artistic endeavours.

Scheduled to open in 2025, 1926 Les Bains brings Sunny’s love for jazz to life, together with his unwavering pursuit of the ultimate wellbeing experience. Combining soulful jazz melodies with a commitment to wellness, this hotel is set to offer an atmosphere designed for relaxation and rejuvenation.

1926 Le Soleil: Five Years Later

Over the past five years, these exceptional offerings have been the cornerstone of our unwavering success.

Starting with our 1926 Le Soleil luxurious rooms, all of which symbolise the Mediterranean charm and chic interiors — where needs are met, dreams realised, and the essence of Malta is experienced at your feet.

Our dining experiences all serve dishes influenced by the Maltese, and the Mediterranean heritage, and beyond. 

All these flavours are set against environments that resonate with opulent eras, and wrapped in elegance, sophistication, and refinement. 

From Margaux, a celebrated gourmet haven serving Southern French-inspired cuisine, to Sunny’s Lounge—a classic bar exuding iconic elegance—to the elevated Mediterranean flavours of 1926 La Plage and the captivating beachside dining at La Vie, each dining outlet echoes eras and sentiments, offering an enchanting experience. 

Expertly crafted cocktails, carefully curated wine lists, and carefully selected local ingredients define the culinary journey. 

1926 Le Soleil promises a rendezvous with luxury, sophistication, and exceptional service throughout its distinguished dining spaces, inviting guests to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of refined indulgence and timeless charm.

Our hotel is an oasis for wellness, too. 

1926 La Plage is a unique beach club experience. Here, surrounded by an infinity pool and art deco sophistication, you’ll dive into the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle, complemented by exceptional food and beverages.

Similarly, our Resense spa, complete with an aquatonic pool, private spa, and innovative JetPeel treatments, offers our guests the indulgent experiences they deserve during their stay with us. 

Included in our stay, guests benefit from a 24/7 fitness room equipped with cutting-edge aerobic, strength, and conditioning gear — in an environment made to measure to motivate and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Embracing Sustainable Practices: Our Commitment to a Greener Future

One of Sunny’s most prominent values was his commitment to sustainability. 

All our hotels follow our dedicated approach to sustainability, SaVE (Sunny’s Voice for the Environment), not only to honour our founder, but to make a change to our collective future too. 

This is why our sustainability efforts are headed by a dedicated team and a Sustainability Committee — ensuring actionable and measurable sustainability goals.

In the daily running of our 1926 Hotels, Le Soleil included, we embrace eco-initiatives like paperless check-in and beach clean-ups, preserving Malta’s beauty. We also favour eco-friendly and local suppliers. 

Our efforts have led us to achieve the Level 2 Sustainable Travel status on, something we’re incredibly proud of as a recognition of our ecological mindfulness. 

Looking Forward with Gratitude

Over the past five years, we’ve cherished countless unforgettable moments, fostering deep gratitude for this incredible journey. 

Yet, our focus remains on what lies ahead, dedicated to continually providing remarkable experiences for our guests. 

As we step into the next chapter, we’re grateful for the trust and support we’ve received, eagerly anticipating more years of crafting treasured memories. 

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to reaching this remarkable milestone.Would you like to experience a stay at 1926 Le Soleil? Secure your room today or get in touch with us at or call + 365 21333565 for additional details.