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Summertime in Malta can be a stunning experience due to it’s position and aura.

But first, we will give a short brief about the island of Malta, and Sliema’s significance on the island.

About Malta

Malta is an island country with a lot to offer the locals and the tourists alike. 

It is the smallest island country in the Mediterranean that sits in between Italian and the Libyan Sea. Specifically located around 80km south of Sicily, approximately 30 km long and 15 km wide and it is surrounded with 2 smaller islands, Gozo and Comino

With the great weather conditions – warm until November, and the warm sea temperature until late October. There is little else to be desired to such a stunning little island. 

As a result, in this Mediterranean country, the summertime in Malta lasts a very long time.

About Sliema

Without a shadow of a doubt, Sliema Malta is the number one go-to place for your holiday in Malta. 

This is the case for numerous reasons.

It is the home of lavish restaurants, beautiful seaside cafes and lively beach clubs. 

Tourists here also flock for sun, as well as the food during the summertime in Malta.

Besides being a place of fun, Sliema Malta is also home to some traditional areas. And walking the streets of this town where you will be able to see some magnificent colonial houses. 

At the same time, Sliema is one of the few places which enjoy a magical view of the capital’s fortifications in Valletta. As well as some lively nightlife nearby.

In fact, in Sliema Malta you are very close to nightlife hotspots which are prevalent in Paceville and St Julian’s.

However, it’s more than the nightlife…

This is a big change from the way this town was in the past.

Interestingly, ‘Sliema’ literally means ‘peaceful’ or ‘in comfort’ and until some decades ago, Sliema Malta was just a quiet fishing village. 

Indeed, this part of the summertime in Malta is not for the peace and quiet in this day and age. 

Development in the area started back in the late 1800s and has now been regenerated and recognized as the island’s leading commercial district. 

As a matter of fact, Sliema Malta became the summer destination for the upper-class residents of Valletta, who would travel to their summer house across the harbour by the ferry service from Sliema to Valletta. 

But if you take some time to look at the old houses mentioned above and you would like to explore the older parts of Sliema Malta.

So take a walk along the seaside promenade and explore the interesting backstreets, where the historic buildings exist and one can see street names which came into being during the British period.

One is never far away from any type of entertainment, but if you look hard enough, you will realize that peace and quiet can also be found in a number of different corners of this town.


There are a large range of amazing attractions for every type of tourist out there, especially when it comes to outdoor activities.

Keep reading to learn more.


The best thing to do is to lounge and relax on the beach during your holiday in Sliema, Malta. 

So go and buy a packet of local ‘galletti’ and a couple of beers and lie down at a beach.

There are many options to choose from from the main resorts and lots to discover.

These include the many rocky inlets and sandy shores which Sliema Malta has to offer.

In fact, being a resort town located on the east coast of Malta, Sliema is well-known for its abundance of beautiful bays.

Fortunately the beaches in Malta and Gozo are also largely untouched by development. 

So for those who love to swim in the sea, Sliema’s rocky coastline is the place to go. 

During the summer, both locals and tourists flock to the sea in Sliema Malta. 

Many of these beaches are extremely accommodating to all kinds of tourists out there, offering options spanning from mild watersports like sea-kayaking and parasailing to the more adventurous jet ski hire and waterskiing. 

Tigne beach

This is a small rocky area which forms part of the Sliema coast. And perfect during the summertime in Malta.

Apart from the fantastic view of Valletta city walls which it offers, it is the main sailing point for yachts as well as smaller ships who depart towards the open sea. 

The Tigne beach area has a tranquil and romantic setting in any time of the year, because of its secluded location, just beside the Tigne Tower and the new shopping mall.

This is an interesting setting which is romantic and relatively secluded. 

It is made up of flat rocks and concrete platforms and is the only place where you can stay at the beach, without any facilities around, although it is in the heart of the city.

Balluta Bay

Balluta Bay is a charming beach which lies on a long stretch of rocky coastline that goes from from Qui-si-Sana in Sliema Malta all the way to St. Julian’s. 

This coastline is usually full of sunbathers especially during the peak summer months.

This is in fact, the perfect place to do so as there are lots of flat rocks to spread a towel on. 

On the other hand, if you fancy a swim, the sea here is deep, and usually fairly clean, and safe to swim. 

Some hotels along the seafront also provide beach concessions equipped with pools, water sports and great lido areas. 

In peak summer all the Sliema Malta beaches become very sociable by mid-afternoon. 

You can also opt for the promenade which is excellent for long walks in summer or winter in Sliema Malta.

The Roman Baths

Just underneath the waterfront, you will find a rocky beach with interesting rectangular rock-cut pools that the locals call Roman Baths

This is a great place to relax under the Maltese sun without having to battle the big waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

In fact, you can go for a safe and refreshing swim in the sea


These beaches allow for a number of watersport activities during summertime in Malta which are very fun for both solo travellers and families alike.


There are a great array of activities to be enjoyed in any one of the places mentioned above.

Keep reading for our suggestions.


Sliema is certainly not lacking in great swimming spots. 

This includes spots in the sea which are often facilitated by ladder and roped off by red and yellow buoys along the promenade. 

As you walk along this promenade, you will inevitably come across a number of swimming areas all around Sliema Malta, as well as pools which are popular for sitting, swimming and relaxing in, and are sheltered from the main sea.

Keep reading to learn more about the large variety of water sport activities which the Maltese islands have to offer in Sliema Malta.

Scuba Diving

Sliema Malta is more than an ideal for this kind of scuba diving, as it offers a spectacular experience to all of those who seek to explore the stunning infinite waters during your holiday in Malta.

This region is truly a fantastic tropical paradise which you should definitely not miss during your stay in Sliema Malta. 

The sea is very warm, and usually very calm all year round, and most beaches offer excellent visibility down to around 30 metres. 

So you can easily see marine life in the vivid display of colours of the sea while in Sliema Malta.

The risk of encountering dangerous fish and aquatic life is also extremely low, which means that this is a great environment with the great conditions for first time divers and beginners.

There are also plenty of challenging dives to choose from for the more experienced divers.

Caves and Creeks for Scuba Diving

With dive sites just a couple minutes’ drive away from each other, you will be able to explore a variety of underwater worlds which range from reefs to labyrinthine caves.

There are also some interesting and historical wartime shipwrecks in some of the most beautiful harbours, bays, sheltered creeks around these maltese islands.

Just perfect if you are seeking the underwater inhabitants in the sunken wrecks of Malta’s maritime past.

Hence, it is definitely no surprise that Malta is a dream destination for underwater photography.

There are also  a large variety of types of diving courses and activities offered by locally licensed diving schools. 

However, if you are looking for more excitement, you should try a night dive or even a dive deep to 30 or 40 metres. 

This shows a vast range of stunning colours which appear almost neon in colour when shown under a torchlight.

It is no surprise that Malta and Gozo were awarded second best diving destinations in Europe in 2013 in two separate award ceremonies, namely the Diver and Sport Diver Awards, making the Maltese archipelago the top diving location in the Mediterranean.

So explore the mysterious depths of the deep blue while scuba diving.

It is safe to say that scuba diving should definitely be at the top of your list of watersports while on your holiday in Sliema Malta. 


The Maltese Islands are a beautiful tropical paradise which is home to a vast array of great snorkelling spots to experience in Sliema Malta. 

Being that Malta is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the archipelago’s clear waters, and abundance of sea flora and fauna, make Malta and her sister islands a great place for all those who have a love of snorkelling.

Being that snorkeling requires little gear, it enables one to comfortably sightsee the underwater world for as long as one wants. 

All you need is a snorkel, mask, a pair of flippers, and you are ready to start your adventure.

It is also safe to say that in order to appreciate this underwater world you do not need to be a professional diver. 

This is because snorkelling is one of the easiest ways that you can use to get a good view of this amazing underwater world.

This can be thoroughly enjoyed and the best time for snorkelling around the maltese islands is between May and August when sea temperatures are at their best, and at their hottest. 

From a mild 19C in May rising to around 27C in August, the waters are not only warm but also very clear and they make for perfect underwater sightseeing during summertime in Malta.

The islands are also just as abundant in their range of coral as in the variety of marine creatures that live in and around them. 

With minimal gear requirements, snorkelling is really the ideal way to sightsee Malta’s diverse underwater world for as long as you would like, not to mention, it is cheap, and family friendly.

This, coupled with the stunning clear waters, makes snorkelling a great experience that you should definitely not miss while on your holiday in Sliema Malta. 

Where to Stay in Sliema

Due to the fact that Sliema is the largest city in Malta and it offers a lot of variety with respect to daily activities, it is arguably the best place to base yourself on the island. Especially during summertime in Malta

Hence, as you could imagine, there are various accommodation options to choose from that will suit any and all budgets. 

The 1926 hotel is a great option in the summertime in Malta.

It is home to a number of wonderful facilities such as a lively lounge and the Margaux restaurant

Sunny’s Lounge is the perfect place to get together for a glass of wine or a classic cocktail. 

Our restaurant is also rather particular as it is inspired by the flavours and colours of Southern French cuisine which are mixed in with modern European dishes that can be paired with selected wines of your choice from the French Region.