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Thinking of booking a romantic getaway for your significant other? 

If so, Malta’s mild weather entertaining attractions, and stunning seascapes makes for the perfect getaway destination. 

Although Malta is a small country, there is a huge number of things to do.

This is particularly true when it comes to things to do in Malta in specific villages. 

These villages include Valletta, Bugibba, Marsaskala, and especially Sliema Malta.

Why Malta?

Malta is known for its perfect location in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Being surrounded by its sea, it’s perfect for a romantic getaway for couple to enjoy stunning views.

About Sliema

Each village in Malta gives off its own unique and separate ambiance, as well as its own unique experience. 

This is especially true in the case of Sliema Malta, especially for a romantic getaway.

With so many attractions concentrated in one area. Sliema also attracts a large number of visitors. From the luxury tourist to the independent traveller and the backpacker.

This massive growth in Sliema Malta occurred during the 19th and 20th centuries when it began to grow into a residential area filled with lavish villas and townhouses that were built along Sliema Malta’s promenade. 

Soon, the people of Sliema Malta understood the tourism potential of the area, and so they began a building boom that changed the whole Sliema Malta landscape. 

Once a quiet seaside fishing village, and then a minor summer resort that hosted the wealthier British and Valletta residents. in the northern harbour region, Sliema Malta evolved into the busy, cosmopolitan town that we know today.

In this way, Sliema Malta quickly became the first tourist resort in Malta, and has retained its importance, even today. 

Nowadays, Sliema is a fantastic tourist hub which has given rise to the construction of apartments and hotels along the coast.

It is safe to say that there are tons of things to do in Malta.

Get to know the Promenade area

When it comes to things to do in Malta, the first thing we suggest doing when you arrive in Sliema Malta is familiarising yourself with the area, and the best way to do this is by taking a seaside promenade walk. 

The Sliema Promenade is most certainly one of the main attractions of the location – Sliema Malta.

Made up mainly of a lovely stretch of promenade which provides a perfect set of things on your lists of things to do in Malta for summer is evening walks.

 and a coastline adorned with a number of popular bathing spots. There has definitely been an increased interest in Sliema and the spectacular views of Valletta from one side and open sea views from the other (along Tower Road) definitely contributes to making it a highly sought after location.

The promenade is around 2km in length which allows you to walk in the urban city while smelling the sea salt and seeing the unobstructed sea view. 

This pleasant walkway stretches all the way to St Julian’s, Gzira, and Ta’ Xbiex, bringing you on Valletta’s doorstep. 

This is definitely a great thing on your list of things to do in Malta while in Sliema Malta. What’s better for a romantic getaway than a walk together?

Morning activities

A romantic getaway is all about how you start your day.

When taking a walk around town, you can still spot a few architectural gems sparse in between the entertainment centres and swimming areas in Sliema Malta. 

Don’t be afraid of taking a detour – all roads lead to the town centre, where you will find plenty of locals will be more than willing to give you directions.

Your detour can easily take you on a historical and cultural turn.

In fact, we’ve got a list of great things to do in Malta, putting emphasis on history. 


The first thing you should do on your morning detour is pay a special visit to some of the fantastic Sliema Malta churches. 

As Malta is a highly religious country, churches can be found at every corner – especially considering that there are over 365 churches on this tiny island. 

Carmelite Church, Balluta

This is, by far, the most beautiful church in Sliema Malta, and a definite must-see option on your list of things to do in Malta.

Interestingly, there are some disputes with respect to if this church is located in Sliema or St. Julian’s. 

This is because, a popular argument is that the front of the church is in the St. Julian’s Region, whereas the back of the church is in the Sliema region.

In any case, this stunning church is going to make this list as it is the church to beat.

Not only is it the most beautiful church in this area but it is arguably one of the most elegant churches in Malta.

This is a beautiful unmissable feature which decorates the Sliema/St. Julian’s promenade definitely deserves a mention.

The Carmelite Church was originally a small chapel built in 1859. It was then rebuilt in 1877 in the Gothic revival style, but also maintained the two traditional Baroque towers on the facade, which is a common feature of Maltese churches.

Later, the Church was transferred to the Carmelite monks, who rebuilt it in 1900, and it was expanded on and turned into a parish later.

This should definitely be on the top of your list of things to do in Malta.

Stella Maris Church

Without a doubt, one of the most stunning and impressive churches in Sliema Malta is Stella Maris Church.

This site was first converted into a church in 1855, and as the population of Sliema Malta grew, by the late 1800s, so did this church.

By 1877 the church reached its current size crowned with a majestic dome.

The church was also embellished with numerous stunning works of art throughout the years, most notably the apse painting by Giuseppe Calì and the Titular statue of Our Lady Stella Maris that was brought to Sliema from Paris in 1891. 

This church would be a spectacular place to visit on your list of things to do in Malta, especially on the third Sunday of August, when the spectacular Titular Feast is celebrated. 

During this time, the Titular statue of Our Lady Stella Maris is carried annually in procession throughout the streets of Sliema Malta.

Go to the theatre

The Salesian Theatre

The Salesian Theatre is the only century-old theatre in Sliema

In fact, it is the oldest and longest-running theatre in Sliema.

It is safe to say, this 110-year-old theatre has been through it all.

So much so that it has become one of the country’s cultural reference points.

Its intimate setting hosts a number of shows from various disciplines including popular live music like classical, plays, as well as contemporary art exhibitions.

Historical places

Fort Manoel

If you continue walking along the promenade, you may come across Manoel island.

This is another one of those things to do in Malta.

This sits in the middle of Marsamxett Harbour, and it is connected to the mainland by means of a small stone bridge that belongs to Sliema’s neighbouring locality, Gżira. 

There are many points of interest scattered across the island but one which is by far the most impressive is Fort Manoel.

This is an 18th century star shaped Fort built by the knights of St. John. 

In 1800, the British military took over the fort and named it HMS Phoenicia, and it remained in use by them until 1964. 

The fort was severely damaged in World War II, but it was restored and it is now in good condition.

Following its restoration it has been featured as a filming location on popular TV series Game of Thrones.

This is definitely a top site on your list of things to do in Malta.

Clearly, everything you need is right there on the stunning walkway known as the Sliema Malta Promenade.

Afternoon Activities

A romantic getaway, will fill your day especailly the afternoon. Here are a list of just a few great things to do in Malta so you can get inspired and try them out for yourself.

Have a delicious Lunch

After a long relaxing stroll along the promenade, it’s only natural that you will get hungry.

Fortunately, the Margaux restaurant in the 1926 hotel and Spa should definitely be on your list of things to do in Malta. 

It features dishes which are inspired by the flavours and colours of Southern French cuisine mixed in with modern European dishes that can be paired with selected wines from the French Region.


The next best thing after lunch is having a long relaxing lay on a sliema beach in the sun.

We suggest going to one of Sliema Malta rocky beaches, such as Tigné Point Beach, Fond Ghadir Beach, or Qui-Si-Sana Beach. 

Along a coastline, you will find various specifically named spots, such as Surfside, Exiles, Balluta Bay and Spinola Bay. 

You may also want to take a dip in the deep blue seas. 

Fortunately, although the sea is usually fairly deep, it is clean and considered safe for swimming.


Shopping is an important element in every holiday trip. 

Malta definitely has no shortage of shopping areas.

These areas include Qormi, Mosta, Bugibba, and so on.

In this case, we are going to explore the best shopping areas in the island, which happen to be in Sliema.

The Point :you will definitely be able to shop till you drop in Tigne Point in Sliema. 

There is truly no better place for this than Malta’s biggest shopping mall. 

Interestingly, it is built on the site of the former Tigne Barracks, which are remains of military structures left by the British.

Nowadays, you can find a variety of brands inside, from high-end styles like Ted Baker,Patrizia Pepe, and River Island, to more casual fashion like Springfield, Terranova and Calliope.

Bisazza Street

The area around the Sliema Ferries as well as that of famous Bisazza Street has attracted commerce of all kinds over the years. 

You’ll find everything from well-known brands to bookshops and tiny silver shops along with several cafes, gelaterias, shopping malls and so on.

These are two great areas in sliema which will give you the facility to treat your partner to an extremely romantic gift, so they should definitely be on your list of things to do in Malta.

Evening activities

There is no romantic getaway without a romantic evening. Here is a list of things to do in Malta in the evening. 

Have a wonderful romantic dinner

When the sun sets on your great activity packed day, you’ll probably be hungry once again. For a change of pace from the afternoon lunch, we suggest you visit Sunny’s Lounge in the lobby level of the 1926 Hotel and Spa.

This chic lounge combines a calm and intimate ambience with a dash of theatre. 

It is another element that should be on your list of things to do in Malta. 

It is the perfect place to get together for a glass of champagne, wine, beer or a classic cocktail.

Charming ferry ride

The perfect way to finish off a great day is by taking the ferry from Sliema to Valletta. 

It is one of those great things to do in Malta because the ferry provides amazing panoramic views of the grand harbour, and with the buildings highlighted in a golden light, the atmosphere is truly a romantic one!

This option is also the most cost-effective way to travel with a return ticket setting you back only €2.80.


The accommodation is, of course, incredibly important in this scenario. 

Great service as well as the convenience factor are two contributing factors when it comes to booking a romantic scenic getaway for two.

Stay with Us

Hotel 1926 is located in this stunning village of Sliema. 

It offers a huge range of services to do in the day time, as well as during the night time. These include, the stunning four-star hotel. Tons of tasty dishes served in the amazing Margaux restaurant, as well as the refreshing spa by Resense.

Walking distance from the ferry to Valletta, the hotel is really close to Valletta too. The hotel is in a very convenient place for the main attractions.