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Wherever you are and whatever you do everyone needs some downtime, time to relax, calm down and enjoy yourself. In such a hectic world, it is always a struggle to find time for yourself. This is what we are here to emphasize. It is truly one of life’s greatest sines to not save some time for yourself. If you keep on going and never stop you will start feeling, tired, burnt out, anxious and spent. In order to help people and continue doing your work and responsibilities well, you need your time to just calm down, think and be with yourself. A spa is the just the place for that!

We believe that the best way a person can care for him or herself is by visiting a spa. Whether you are at a staycation or a tourist looking for a bit of self-caring, we are here to fit your needs well! Attending the spa is the best way to put the cherry on top of your day. Either alone or with your loved ones we accommodate for all. We are looking to create memories out of all our guests.

In this article, we will be discussing how a spa at Hotel 1926 Hotel and Spa can complement your holiday

Spas Help To Reduce Stress

We are constantly looking to innovate our hospitality system to create the most efficient and relaxing environment for our guests. Let it be from the food to the fabric of the bed and also our spa. Our professional massage therapists are equipped with the finest and latest technology and methods in order to calm you down. This will help you to reduce stress, anxiety and to help clear your mind.

If you are a tourist or a local looking to relax we all have a life to return to. Responsibilities and duties usually accommodate most of our thinking and this is a time to separate yourself from the everyday. The way you calm down is by allowing yourself to be pampered.

That being said, visiting a spa will help you get better sleep. There are various ways one can attain better sleep, either by diet, exercise and attending a spa. What more could you ask for in your trip, great accommodation, a beautiful island and amazing rest. A massage will lower your blood pressure and completely relax your muscles. It will also help you maintain a steady and healthy heart rate which will contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Muscular Relief

This compliments the above point but we decided to give it its own section because of how important it is! Muscular pain is a real thing and it influences your daily life in a lot of different ways! It could be that you are stressed because of a physically demanding job, or even simply love to work out a lot. Your muscles are taking the full brunt of it.

Many of your body’s biggest and essential muscle groups can become stiff over time and start hurting or aching. This is very common with a lot of people. A lot of people decide to live with this pain because it is what they have known all their lives. This is definitely not the case. Here at 1926 Hotel and Spa, we know exactly what you are going through. We know how to fix and amend these pains. All you need to do is trust our professional therapists and we will guide to a much better relationship with your body. After your session, you can enjoy a sense of relief, while feeling looser and more flexible. In general, your body will be in much better condition.

On top of this attending, a massage and spa will also increase your blood flow and circulation. This is another of the many benefits that a massage has on your body. The more you attend massages the better your circulation is, this is obviously coupled with your lifestyle and your daily routine. 

All this will help your body in many different ways, some include having more energy, and your body being better equipped to fighting illnesses making you consistently stronger all year round.

Feeling Connected

1926 Hotel and Spa we believe that the most treasured time is time spent with your loved ones and it is crucial for us that you experience such enjoyment and love. Visiting a spa while on holiday is one of the best ways to create memories together and to enjoy time together. You can take spa breaks as an opportunity to be alone with your own and collect your thoughts. On the other hand, you can take a spa break to connect with your loved ones. 

The shared experience will create an atmosphere of peace and harmony which is rare to find in such times we live in.  With our lives being so hectic and busy we barely find time to spend with ourselves let alone with the people we hold dear to our hearts. It is important to us at 1926 Hotel and Spa that you share these intimate moments with your loved ones. Doing this will create the best outcome for your holiday. You would have come out with a great experience and an even stronger bond with the people you love.

Happiness at the Spa

This may seem obvious but it is worth the mention because it can get looked over by many people. Among many biological effects that spa has on your body, it will surely increase your happiness levels. Visiting a spa and/or attending a spa session will release serotonin into your system, this is the hormone that gives you that happy feeling. The massage will not only have an effect during the session but you will reap the fruit of your session further on down the line, the following days. 1926 Hotel and Spa we wish the utmost for our guests and we want to create the best environment for our guests to feel content and at peace.

All these will help create a truly unique experience during your trip here. The spa and massage will be complemented with amazing views, great food and you can continue relaxing next to our pool. We ensure that this experience will not just be a number but you will truly enjoy and cherish every moment of it.

Soothing the Skin

Stress, make-up, weather, shaving and other such things all take a toll on your skin. Spa holidays are a way to revitalise and rejuvenate your skin. Make sure to take this opportunity to get a facial treatment. Following this, your therapist can give you a bit of tip and tricks on how to take care of your skin better and more efficiently.

Make sure to ask our therapists any questions that you may have about taking care of your skin and body in general. It is important for us the staff at 1926 Hotel and Spa that you leave our hotel feeling brand new and with the skill sets you need to take care of yourself the best way you can.


Your vacation does not necessarily have to be filled with endless walking, museums and trying to get from one place to the next. A vacation has to have some time to relax wind down and be at peace with the environment around you. Here at 1926 Hotel and Spa, we have the coast at our doorstep, we have an amazing promenade and great views. Adding on to this our spa will give you the cherry on the cake that you would be looking for in a vacation. Locals can also enjoy all these benefits.

One must enjoy and understand the beauty of life and visiting a spa to recollect, be at peace one of the ways you can attain such peace. The many benefits a spa has to offer are numerous and the added joy and pleasure you will get from your trip if you do so is unparallel.