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How To Save Money When Travelling

By 30th June 2020December 8th, 2023No Comments10 min read

When travelling, you’re always going to find yourself spending a decent amount of money. Though you might very well be on a tight budget, between airline, accommodation, commuting and food and drink expenses among others, splurging money is something you just can’t escape when it comes down to it. However, the way in which you spend your savings is something you certainly can control. Here’s how to save money when travelling.

Saving Money is Crucial

Don’t get us wrong – saving money when travelling doesn’t necessarily have to be about holding back from certain attributes that make your trip. Prioritise the things you absolutely need to purchase in order to avoid spending excessively. Refraining from splurging your money on unnecessary items and services while going abroad will open the door for all that really matters when taking a trip; the things you’ll never forget. 

Among the many travel recollections that will inhabit your memory after a trip is an attractive accommodation that offers an abundance of assets including comfort as well as luxury. Quench your thirst to travel by spending your money tactfully on a fine hotel that suits your every need.

If you’re looking for new and easy ways to spend money on your next trip, take a look at our helpful tips and tricks that will provide you with some added financial room for the right expenses.  

Location is Key 

When it comes to saving money, picking the right location is what’s going to make all of the difference with how much you’ll manage to retain. The best way to go about deciding on a particular location is to come up with a plan regarding all the places you’re more likely to visit. This will give you an indication about your commute as well as the available means of getting from one place to the other. 

Indeed, a large portion of our travel spendings is taken up solely by commuting. This especially is a reality for travellers who just have to explore as many areas as they can when visiting a country

The best thing you can do to cut costs when on holiday is to opt for a central location that’s close to pretty much most of the places you’ll be wanting to roam and discover. Open yourself up to walking towards places of attraction instead of making use of the transport available, when possible. This will put you in a better position to take in all of the sights and interests worth seeing (while also helping you burn off all of the delicious local food you’ll be eating). 

Pinching Pennies on Food

This is a tricky one. Buying food is a daily necessity, but being on holiday means being more cautious to save money on eating. Evidently, this is because eating out is much more convenient and enjoyable than cooking yourself; and how can you resist getting a taste out of some traditional and tasty local meals?

There’s a lot you can do, albeit, to be sparing when spending food on holiday. Start off by holding back from purchasing large quantities of snacks in between meals. Making sure you’re eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner is always important. This is especially necessary when you’re travelling, given that you’ll be walking around and engaging in physical activity. That being said, it’s not unknown that when we travel, we tend to indulge in regular snacks and treats we would hold back from back at home. 

If you do feel the need to snack on food throughout the day, opt for purchasing grocery store goods that are healthy and inexpensive. Granola bars, fruits and nuts among others are good for your health – and your cash spending. 

Should you be unsure about the ideal restaurants with appetising food, that also won’t strip you of all your cash, here’s what you can do. Go up to locals and take advantage of their familiarity with the place you’re visiting by asking around for the best food places to go to, and where the good deals on meals can be found.

Free Attractions

Become aware of the kind of opportunities available to you in the place you are visiting, and don’t hold back from taking them! Various places of interest offer great deals and packages as well as free entrances many tourists can benefit from. 

Different countries have different tendencies, but it is known that many countries happen to make popular museums free at entry. What’s more, in many cities you can find free walking tours, pub crawls and monuments among others that you can take advantage of when trying to save money. 

Having said this, free attractions are less marketed and popularised than those that cost money. To find these areas with more ease, make sure to check with the front desk of your hotel and ask for a recommendations list on the best free places of interest for tourists in the area. Asking locals for recommendations can be more helpful than websites sometimes – the most spot-on and genuine opinions will be given to you by these people. 

Moreover, if you’re a student who loves to travel and find it difficult to explore countries whilst not letting go of all of your savings, student discounts can be your new friend. Various tourist attractions are willing to offer student discounts on the admission price – all you need to do is ask! Just be sure not to forget your necessary documents at home to be able to prove your pupilship.

While there will always be places and things you’re going to wish to see, by filling your routine with free-to-access activities, you’ll be saving more money than you’d think, while also making the most out of your holiday. 

Favourable Seasons

It can be said that there are better seasons for travelling when you want to save some extra cash. If your travel dates are flexible, consider travelling during the low seasons that come between the peak seasons. These vary depending on the type of country you wish to visit. 

For instance, the peak seasons in Malta are spring and summer – tourists tend to visit the Maltese Islands to soak up the sun and indulge in the gorgeous golden beaches they boast. If you’d like to visit Malta but are on a budget, the most ideal option for you would be to pay a visit during the colder seasons. You’ll be facing cheaper prices all around and with Malta’s warm Mediterranean climate, you’ll still be able to revel in the beauty of the sunny country. 

Contrastingly, the wintry seasons flourish in European cities like London, Budapest and Paris. With their engaging areas of interest that come into bloom during autumn and Christmas time, it’s safe to say that the booming season of these places is later on in the year. 

When demand is lower, higher travel expenses such as air travel, accommodation and more will have more reasonable prices, making it easy for you to stay within your budget limits. 

Pack Wisely 

Packing haphazardly can very well result in the inability to fit everything in the luggage or else to stick to the stipulated luggage weight to be charged for. In order to avoid this, make sure to follow these guiding tips and tricks that are great for saving luggage space and keeping the interior organised. 

First of all, you’ll need to make a list of all your required necessities and a list of the things you can do without. This will help you figure out what you can leave behind if you’d like to pack lightly. 

Secondly, opt for travelling with soft bags for your carry-on items. This reduces weight and fits better in the overhead luggage spots. In addition, avoid packing extra clothing items you might not even use. If you think you might not even go swimming, refrain from taking your swimming suit with you just because you can. If you think you’ll be doing more walking and exploring rather than dining and entertainment activities, ditch the high-heels and travel with one pair of sneakers you can wear at the airport. You could also avoid packing extra clothing by giving your clothes a wash on your holiday instead of taking extra outfits with you.

It’s also ideal to avoid packing your hair dryers, hair curlers and hair straighteners. These appliances can easily add a lot of extra weight you’ll have to compensate for. After all, many accommodations offer the use of these hair beauty products. 

Drink Water the Right Way

Staying hydrated is always important. Drinking sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis is key in maintaining a healthy body and mind. This is even more essential when you’re on holiday, whether you’re planning on relaxing away at a spa or going on long hikes. 

Touristic locations may take advantage of tourists’ need for water by pricing excessively for small amounts. One way of dealing with this is by packing a refillable water bottle you can easily carry around everywhere you go. This isn’t only economical to save money, it’s also friendly to the environment. 

Stay Vigilant

Watching out for petty theft will not only be beneficial in sticking to a budget – it’s also important for staying safe when on holiday. Indeed, pickpocketers love crowded bridges, subway platforms, streets and malls where tourists carrying cash love to congregate. Stay vigilant and take basic precautions to avoid pickpocketing and snatch-and-run thefts of cash, cards, identification documents and other valuable items. 

Hiding your wallet and not leaving it in plain sight is beneficial in preventing thefts. You can also avoid handling cash in public places unless you absolutely need to. Instead, opt for handling your money in restrooms or taxis to keep it as far from the public eye as possible. It’s also ideal to completely close all of your purses and bags and to carry them in front of you. Purchasing a belt bag for travelling can be a great travel item to carry with you on trips. What’s more, it is recommended to keep your hands about you when walking among large crowds.

Above all, walking alone in less crowded areas in the dark will put you at a higher risk of getting mugged. Avoid roaming these places all by yourself to stay safe and save money.

Follow a Budget Plan to Save Money

Perhaps the most effective way of getting yourself to cut costs when travelling successfully is by strictly sticking to a budget. Spontaneity is great, but when you’re restricted in your spendings, you should get yourself to stick to a planned-out budget. 

Start planning your travel budget by taking note of all of the places you just have to see and things you just have to pay for. Once you’re aware of the ultimate necessities, make another list of the spendings you can do without so to get an idea of your needs and your wants. This will automatically make you aware of what you need to think twice about swiping your card for on your trip. Once you’ve established a budget for yourself, the next things to do is to get yourself to actually stick to it. 

Following a budget will be far more easy if you travel with just enough cash to not go over your limit. Having said this, travelling without some extra cash can put you in a vulnerable position if you find yourself in an emergency. Another hack for getting yourself to refrain from spending more than you’d like to is to keep hold of your receipts. Keep these in your wallet for a constant reminder of how much you’re actually spending on a trip. This will surely give you a bit of added perspective on how much you should be spending.  


When it comes down to it, saving money on holiday can be simplified and easily achieved with the right precautions and mindset. Saving money doesn’t have to mean declining all the fun stuff that you look forward to when travelling, it just means spending your money wisely for your own benefit. 

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