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New Year’s festivities hold their own magic, yet ringing in the year’s end amidst Malta’s enchantment takes the experience to a whole new level. 

As the island dresses up in its festive suit and the countdown to midnight begins, Malta’s exuberant spirit takes centre stage, promising a night to remember for all. 

Are you planning on spending the end of year in Malta?

In this blog, we’re sharing some of the local tips to ensure the most magical night of the year is a memorable one. 

From recommended locations to visit to essential details about must-attend New Year’s Eve events and everything you need for planning your stay, including during New Year’s Day, we’ve got you covered.

Things to do in Malta on New Year’s Eve

1. Join the celebrations in Floriana and Valletta

Malta’s capital city, Valletta, and neighbouring Floriana are at the heart of New Year’s Eve celebrations — offering an eclectic mix of events tailored to different preferences. 

Here, St. George’s Square in Valletta and the Waterfront become the centrepieces of the festivities, attracting both locals and not to celebrate in the joyous atmosphere.

Expect the lively spirit of celebration that characterises the Maltese, featuring music, singing, dancing, and an infectious spirit of joy.

Similarly, Floriana hosts its annual street party held in St. Anne’s Street, attracting hundreds if not thousands to enjoy music and a fun atmosphere for a great party.

2. Watch the fireworks

There’s nothing like a pyrotechnic show to bid farewell to the year. And the annual fireworks, set against the backdrop of Valletta’s iconic skyline is nothing short of breathtaking.

At the stroke of midnight, the sky erupts in a dazzling array of colours, marking the beginning of the New Year, while crowds gather in anticipation, creating an atmosphere charged with excitement and joy as they come together to witness this spectacular display.

There are several vantage points spread around the city, however, the most popular ones are once again the Valletta Waterfront and St George’s Square. 

 3. Indulge in an exceptional dining experience 

Embracing Malta’s culinary treasures is a joy that doesn’t require a specific celebration, but as New Year’s Eve approaches, it’s the perfect moment to immerse yourself in the island’s gastronomic wonders and indulge your taste buds.

Most restaurants around the island offer special menus for the occasion with Maltese and Mediterranean specialties and international cuisines, creating a fusion of flavours that cater to varied palates. 

From quaint bistros to luxurious dining establishments, there’s a plethora of options to relish a memorable dining experience on this festive night.

We recommend booking ahead to make sure you get a spot at one of the top places.

4. Party in Paceville and St Julians

St. Julian’s and its lively district, Paceville, are the epicentre of Malta’s exuberant nightlife, especially during New Year’s Eve. 

Get ready for a night in an electric atmosphere, boasting clubs and venues that host extravagant New Year’s Eve parties. With top-notch DJs, themed events, and dazzling light displays, Paceville attracts party enthusiasts seeking a guaranteed unforgettable night full of fun. 

5. Bar hopping in Sliema and St Julians 

Another local’s favourite during New Year’s Eve is a bar-hopping adventure across Sliema and St. Julian’s bars and pubs. 

Both towns’ vibrant streets are ideal for discovering cosy pubs and trendy cocktail spots, sampling diverse drink menus, while socialising and embracing the lively spirit of Malta’s nightlife.  

Celebrate New Year’s Day in Malta 

Experience the first day of the year in Malta like a local by enjoying lunch in one of the island’s many eateries or by opting for a hearty brunch or an English breakfast. 

Especially if the weather favours it, take a leisurely walk along the beautiful coastline, soaking in the tranquillity of the Mediterranean Sea. For those up for adventure, try a scenic hike to explore Malta’s stunning landscapes.

If you’re still in a celebratory mood, you’ll find New Year’s Day parties or gatherings, concentrated in the St Julians and Paceville area. 

Insider tips for celebrating New Year’s in Malta

  • Weather precautions: Be prepared for varying weather conditions in Malta during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Pack accordingly, considering both chilly evenings and mild daytime temperatures.
  • Public transport variation: Expect changes in public transport schedules during the festive period. Plan your travels in advance and check for any altered timetables or limited services to avoid inconvenience.
  • Anticipate crowded locations: Popular celebration spots like Valletta, St. Julian’s, and Sliema may experience increased crowds during New Year’s Eve events. Arrive early to secure a good spot for festivities or book tickets in advance for specific activities or venues.
  • Booking in advance: Whether it’s restaurants, events, or accommodations, booking in advance is advisable during the holiday season. Secure reservations for dining experiences or tickets for events to ensure availability.
  • Cash and payments: Ensure you have sufficient cash on hand as some places might have limited card payment facilities, especially smaller vendors or during festive occasions.
  • Shop closures and preparedness: Note that some shops, especially smaller businesses or local stores, may be closed during New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Ensure you have essential items, such as medications, snacks, and any necessary supplies, with you before heading out to avoid inconvenience due to closures.
  • Transport services: With high demand on New Year’s Eve, pre-book taxis or use reputable ride-hailing apps to secure transportation. This guarantees a safe journey back after celebrations, especially if public transport services are limited or unavailable.

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