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Your first trip to the Maltese Islands should definitely start with a leisurely walk on the seaside promenade in Sliema, Malta. 

We will discuss the happenings and all the things to do in Malta. And why this major social hub known as Sliema, Malta – is your next destination.

About Sliema, Malta

This tiny coastal town is known as a significant part of Malta’s commercial district. And it is also a very multicultural town where you can see a vividly colourful blend of lifestyles of expats as well as locals in Sliema, Malta. 

This means that there are lots of things to do in Malta, Sliema.

Once little more than a small fishing village, it grew a lot during the British period, and went on to become the destination of choice for the country’s upper-classes.

This makes for a vibrant atmosphere encompassing an entertaining nightlife scene, and mouthwatering cuisine. 

Truly one of the must-see things to do in Malta.

Keep reading to get an in-depth idea of why this is one of the definite must-see things to do in Malta.

Attractions by day at Sliema, Malta

Sliema Malta Waterfront 

Another way to take in the vibrant atmosphere is by means of a jog around one of the biggest social hubs – Sliema, Malta. 

This is one of the more relaxing things to do in Malta.

Whether you opt for an early morning jog or one just before dinner, nothing beats a healthy jog by the seaside on the Sliema promenade. 

Many locals, expats, and even tourists choose to exercise on the Sliema waterfront. 

The beautiful scenery, the wide spaces, and refreshing sea breeze can enhance your good mood and help you see everything from a more positive perspective.

Definitely a must-see when it comes to things to do in Malta.

Shopping at Sliema Malta

Without a doubt, Sliema is considered Malta’s shopping capital. 

Local shops are a mix between stores containing famous brands as well as a wide array of trendy fashion, chic accessories, and handmade souvenirs.

Whether you are a shopping addict or you just want to get a small token from your holiday, Sliema, Malta is definitely the place to visit. 

Independence Gardens at Sliema Malta

The Independence Garden is a park which is situated in the heart of Sliema just past the seafront promenade, so many people come here after a stroll on the promenade to relax and surf as there is free Wi-Fi provided. 

The garden is very close to the beach and has a playground for younger children with swings and plenty of space for children to run around safely and freely. 

This garden is also known for the millions of cats that roam around. These are well-taken care of by the locals. 

There are also stunning fountains, greenery, walking paths and colourful benches which are a great addition to the garden.

Beaches at Sliema Malta

Although Sliema, Malta is missing the lush sandy beaches that exist places like Mellieha, and Mgarr, you can still go for a safe and refreshing swim in the sea without leaving the Sliema area. 

Just underneath the waterfront, you will find a beach with rectangular rock-cut pools that the locals call, the Roman Baths. 

If you prefer sandy beaches, you could take one of the direct bus routes to Golden Bay or Mellieha Bay, in Mellieha. 

Fond Għadir at Sliema Malta

Fond Għadir is one of the most popular areas of the Sliema coastline. 

The area is dotted with holes dug out of the rock that were used for the production of sea salt.

The sea is deep, but generally clean, clear and safe to swim. It is also excellent for snorkelling.

One of the more exciting things to do in Malta.

Snorkelling at Sliema Malta

Sliema, Malta is a true treasure trove of swimming, snorkelling and diving spots.

This makes sense as Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, the archipelago’s clear waters make Malta (especially Sliema, Malta) an ideal place for those who love snorkelling.

With minimal gear requirements, snorkelling in Sliema Malta should definitely be on the top of your list of things to do in Malta. 

All you need is a mask and snorkel, and a pair of flippers if you wish.

This will give you the opportunity to see Sliema, Malta’s little underwater world for as long as you want. It is relatively cheap, family friendly, and of course, easy to do.

You can find cheap snorkels in most seaside gift shops and beach clubs around the island. 

If you are looking for higher quality equipment, and more things to do in Malta, a number of dive shops can also be found in Malta and Gozo, especially around seaside towns such as Mellieħa, St. Paul’s Bay/Buġibba, Sliema Malta, and Marsaskala.

Boat Tours at Sliema Malta

Summer mornings are great when you’re on an island, particularly when you are situated in the town of Sliema Malta. 

The weather can get extremely hot which means that your only solace will be the slight breeze while you’re cruising around the Maltese Islands.

Without a doubt, your list of best things to do in malta should include a tour of the island during the summer months, and definitely by boat. 

If you’re staying at the 1926 hotel & Spa in Sliema, Malta, one of the great things to do in Malta is to catch the ferry to go to Valletta. 

There are numerous boat tours and ferries that you can benefit from which all depart from Sliema, Malta. 

Some of these tours happen in boats which are in the traditional design which is typical and exclusive to Malta. They are stunning, safe, and very comfortable.

In Sliema, Malta you will find a number of provater charters for groups.

These are truly ideal for parties and celebrations of all kinds in Sliema, Malta.

This should definitely be on your list of things to do in Malta.

Comino and Blue Lagoon boat trip from Sliema, Malta

If you are in Sliema Malta in the summer, you would definitely benefit by having this on your list of things to do in Malta. 

This is a great scenic boat ride to the Comino and Blue Lagoon which often includes a stop at some stunning coves on the way.

Set between the islands of Malta and Gozo, Comino is a wonderful place when it comes to snorkelling and diving. 

Due to its size, this tiny island is car-free and virtually uninhabited.

The island should definitely be another on your list of things to do in Malta. It’s main attraction is the Blue Lagoon which boasts the brightest blue waters in Malta.

Historical attractions at Sliema Malta

Saint Julian’s Tower

Saint Julian’s Tower, also known as Sliema Tower to protect St. Julian’s bay. 

It is the fifth small watchtower in Sliema, Malta, out of the eight De Redin towers that still survive. 

Sliema has a number of coastal watchtowers built by the Order of Saint John between 1658 and 1659.

It-Torri restaurant or ‘Il-Fortizza’ replaced the tower and the remains of the battery.

It has a variety of different dishes centred around delicious mediterranean cuisine.

Carmelite Church

The Parish Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, also known as the Carmelite Church or Balluta Parish Church, is a neo-gothic Roman Catholic church located in Balluta Bay in between the town of St Julian’s, and Sliema Malta.

This stunning church should definitely be on your list of things to do in Malta. 

Apart from its beautifully decorated note-worthy exterior, it is decorated with a beautiful interior. 

There are also several spectacular works of artmanship in the church.

Few of them are stained glass windows, paintings, and a niche for the statue of Our Lady.

Hence, why Carmelitie Church is one of the more fascinating things to do in Malta.

Attractions by night at Sliema Malta

Here is a list of the more things to do in Malta by night.

Teatru Salesjan

This is one of the oldest working theatres in Malta. 

It is truly one of the most stunning venues when it comes to the most amazing things to do in Malta.

Founded in 1908, Teatru Salesjan has been an active focus for local creativity for many generations and home of the shows.

Coming to see a show will surely not disappoint on your list of things to do in Malta.


There are various places which allow you to truly  experience Malta’s fun side after hours.

It’s always a good time to visit Sliema, especially during the nighttime. Even before you come to Malta, you would have probably heard of Paceville in St Julians since it is the island’s top destination for nightlife. 

If you have experienced Malta’s lively nightlife scene, the first thought to cross your mind would probably be Paceville. 

This is one of those more lively things to do in Malta at night. All sorts of clubs and disco bars pumping out the latest hits.

However, Malta today also offers much more refined entertainment venues. Try out your luck at a top notch casino or chill-out in an atmospheric wine bar. 

Besides the sun and sea, on this little island one can even find entertainment and nightlife. Especially in Sliema, Malta, and the surrounding areas. 

It is a fact that this Mediterranean island attracts millions of tourists due to diversity when it comes to bars, nightclubs and casinos.

In fact, Sliema is the second location for nightlife in Malta, and it is home to around 40 pubs, which are only a stone’s throw away from each other. 

These are known for their happy hour afternoon offers which are sure to entice anyone. 

Other villages in Malta which have a great nightlife scene are St. Julians, Bugibba, and Valletta.

For sure, this is a definite must-see on your list of things to do in Malta.

Food and Drink

Sliema is packed with restaurants that serve enough food options to fit even the strictest diets and the pickiest eaters. 

These options vary from Maltese cuisine to the Mediterranean diet to Asian food and fast food. Sliema, Malta has them all.

Whether you are an avid carnivore or a scrupulous vegan, you can get a healthy, delicious meal at one of the many eating places in Sliema.

Locally produced drinks are always very popular with tourists and with Malta’s drinking culture you will find you have a vast number of options for alcohol, and alcohol free drinks.

The Maltese are known for having some of the finest small batch wine in the Mediterranean.

Stay with Us

Hotel 1926 is located in this stunning village of Sliema. 

It offers a wide range of services to do in the day time, as well as during the night time. These include, the fabulous hotel, delicious dishes served in the amazing Margaux restaurant, as well as the relaxing spa by Resense.

Due to its convenient location, you will be able to visit any corner of the island in a very easy fashion. 

It is just walking distance from the ferry from Sliema to Valletta. In addition, it will only take around 15 minutes and it is a very beautiful ride.


Although Malta is known predominantly as a treasure trove of history spanning numerous centuries. 

This article serves as proof that Sliema, Malta has a vast array of activities. These do not include browsing through museum artifacts or sitting through long museum documentaries.

Have a look at our article to learn more about splendid things to do in Malta.