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Malta is known as a vacation for two. The benefits of travelling with your significant other are immense. No matter whether you’re travelling with a large group of people or just by yourself. Travelling is known to make you feel alive. Travelling is exciting and instils a sense of hope in us all. What better way is there to find a newfound sense in life than to discover different ways of living? 

Every relationship has its high points and its low points. And every couple has its own way of dealing with them. Where some couples prefer to celebrate the nicer parts. Others merely see travelling as an escape from the stresses of daily life.

Reward Yourself

When it comes to rewarding yourself with the gift of travelling, it doesn’t matter why you’re doing it. All that matters is that you say yes. On your next holiday, go ahead and spend your days travelling with your partner. You’ll not only get to know the place you’re travelling to; you’ll also get to discover and find out about more about your partner. 

The next time you travel with your partner, you’ll probably have high expectations for having the most romantic getaway. After all, it’s the only time you can fully rest, relax and take in not only your surroundings. With technology right at the tip of our fingers, it can be hard to avoid checking in on work or family. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of things you and your partner will want to do on your next holiday, for the most romantic stay you can get in a vacation for two. 

Watch the Sunset

What’s more romantic than heading to a spectacular beach and revelling in a brilliant sunset? They don’t fill romance movies and novels with scenes of a couple making memories at sunset for no reason. To add an extra element of intimacy on your next holiday, make sure to spend some time together lazying on the sand. And walking hand in hand with the sun descending right in front of you. If you’re used to grey skies or beachless areas specifically. Watching the sunset on a beach is something you’ll regret not doing next time you’re abroad. 

Planning on paying a visit to Malta any time soon? you’ll want to find just the right beach to watch the sunset at. If you’ve already had the time to revel in the magical colours of the sky at our fantastic Beach Club. Here are the beaches in Malta you’ll definitely want to visit.

We’d recommend going to a sandy beach. It might be easier there to lay a towel down and take out some food and drinks for you and your partner to enjoy. Luckily, Malta has more sandy beaches than you can count. Golden Bay, Għadira, Għajn Tuffieħa and Mġarr ix-Xini are our favourite picks for a vacation for two. 

Pamper Yourselves at a Spa

Couples who are able to relax together flourish in their relationship. The main benefit of going to a spa, especially for your relationship, is that you will be training yourselves to let go of your stresses and worries together! (and if you’re not going to let go and unwind whilst on holiday, when are you going to do it?) 

If you do decide to go treat yourself and your partner to a spa, you might as well do it right! At 1926, we take your ultimate comfort and pleasure extremely seriously. At our inclusive Spa, we offer a variety of amenities and facilities that will help you relax, rejuvenate and rebond with your partner during the vacation for two.

Soothe in a wonderful experience

Surrender to the soothing and wonderful experience that comes with our diverse and quality massages that target different parts of the body, according to your specific needs. You’ll also enjoy our bodily treatments, offering services relating to beauty and relaxation for a vacation for two.

Should you be having second doubts about going to a Spa with your significant other, have a look at what science has to prove about the positive impacts of doing this. It is known that massages relieve tension from your muscles, but they also release natural chemicals like oxytocin in the body. When you and your partner get a release in oxytocin (which is also called the ‘cuddle chemical’) you will experience increased happiness, calmness, and pleasure both during the massage and after. A spa day will also significantly release and stress and anxiety. Getting a massage helps your body release hormones, which will ease tension and lower your stress levels. You’ll find that after it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to have mindful conversations that aren’t fueled by anxious worries about anything in the past or in the future. 

Wander Around a Romantic City

Many couples turn to nature to experience a romantic walk with wonderful sights to get a glimpse of. However, lively cities and historic towns can still offer an intimate experience you and your partner will take pleasure in never forgetting in a vacation for two.

Should you decide to come to Malta, peaceful nights as a couple are guaranteed no matter where you go. However, we do recommend paying a visit to the astonishing Silent City known as Mdina. This must-visit touristic attraction boasts splendid and historically rich architecture with winding narrow streets that are candle-lit and picturesque medieval sights. Whether you visit Mdina in the morning or else at night, the city will make you feel like you’re in a romance novel written during the much older times. We’d suggest spending some time at the bastions which will give you an unforgettable view of the Maltese islands. If you go by night, marvel in an ultimate front-row seat to an amazing display of stars you’ll never wish to stop seeing!

Have a Lovely Dinner for Two

It’s been a long day of exploring, walking and sight-seeing. After spending the day out, you’re eager to find a close-by restaurant that offers flavourful and appetising food to complete your romantic day together. End the day the right way by dining at our quality restaurants – you have three to choose from!

Sharing a meal with your partner may have more benefits in store than you might think. It sounds pretty simple, but it can be agreed that having dinner is more than just about getting rid of your hunger together. 

When you’re eating together, you’re actually conversing. You aren’t watching TV, your head isn’t buried in your phone or laptop.  Instead, you are gifting each other with all of your focus in each other. While other people rush through meals, you and your significant other should drag them out for as long as possible. When you’re eating with each other, you’ll be playing equal roles when it comes to mealtime. Neither of you is serving the other and nobody is necessarily ‘in control’. Instead, you are both responsible for sharing a sweet moment together.

There is no vacation for two without a romantic dinner.

Stay in Bed All Day 

Just because you can in a vacation for two! How often do you get the opportunity to throw all of your responsibilities out the door, kick back and spend the entire day in bed with your significant other? Sometimes, the most peaceful and romantic day is spent indoors -you don’t have to visit ten different sights in a day to make the most out of your holiday. 

1926 boasts an array of rooms that are fully equipped with facilities and amenities that guarantee your ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. Share a bottle of wine while taking in the view on your room’s balcony, enjoy watching your favourite shows on the Flat-Screen TVs or let go of your worries in your private hot-tub. Spending an entire day in one of our welcoming rooms will have you feeling as though you’ll never want to leave. 

Do Something Daring Together

Going on holiday is all about seeking adventure! Step out of your comfort zone and do something with your partner that tests your limits and that you don’t do every day. Even if you happen to be an indoorsy couple who don’t really like physical activities that require many adrenaline rushes. Doing something new together is extremely healthy. 

Testing your limits together will teach you how to let go and take in all that life has to offer. It will induce a rush you’ll always associate with the other person. Doing something daring is normally something you’ll never forget because the whole point of doing it is to spark something new in life, and in your relationship. 

Choosing what to do is all up to you. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not necessarily about doing something that is challenging for somebody else. You and significant other might be used to bungee jumping and hiking up hills,  so you might need to challenge yourself some other way. No matter if doing something daring means hugging each other in public or if it means swimming with sharks. The most important thing is to put yourself out there and trust your partner to have your back in what you decide to do in a vacation for two.

Look Your Absolute Best

Have A No Technology Date Day

We admit it – when you’re on holiday, you’ll probably be using your phone more than you do at home. From taking photos of scenery you’ll never want to forget to make use of your phone’s map facilities to get from one place to the other, technology is very convenient, helpful and important when you’re abroad. 

Having said this, having your phone, laptop or tablet constantly in your hands means putting yourself in a risk of hindering your overall experience: personal and with your partner. Unless you really have to, keep those technological devices switched off in your bag and only use in case of an emergency. You’ll be surprised how much more enriching your day with your partner will be. Instead of checking your phones at the dinner table, have an interesting conversation about a new topic. Revel in the food your eating, stare into each other’s eyes. At a marvellous place, go ahead and snap that photo with your phone but don’t let it distract you from what is really in front of you – a new sight to see and take in with your partner. 

Holidays are bigger then technology

If you happen to be somebody who hates spending extra time on their phone, take this a step further. Use traditional maps to find your way around a new country. Buy a Disposable Camera to snap those pictures you want to keep forever. Get in contact with your loved ones back home by sending a postcard. It can be fun to see how people did it in the older times when technology did not have such a massive impact on our day to day life. It will also allow you to be in the moment with your significant other in a vacation for two!

Stay With Us

There are a significant number of things you can do with your partner on holiday that allow you to make your travel experience more enjoyable and rich. Now that you’re aware of the activities you might like to do on your holiday to come, the next step is to book your next holiday and accommodation with your significant other. Strengthen your relationship, boost your connection with your partner by staying 1926 Hotel & Spa in Sliema, Malta. From relaxing and rejuvenating spa time to romantic dinners, you’ll leave our luxurious accommodation feeling more bonded than ever.