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Unfortunately, total relaxation is a rare circumstance.

It is important to take the time during your holidays in Malta. Unwind from the stresses of the day and breathe new life into your mind, body, and spirit.

In fact, you can find numerous spas dotted around the island that aim to do just that.

Benefit from a wide array of luxury treatments and spa in Malta from all around the world. They are specifically designed to help you to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself.

So whether you are new to town, and you are wondering where to go for some relaxation and beauty treatment. 

You are looking for a day spa in Malta. But not just any day spa, you are looking for a quality one. 

These are some tips you should keep in mind whilst you are doing your research.

Don’t choose a spa based on price

Many people have a misconception when it comes to the price list at a spa in Malta. 

You should avoid choosing a spa in Malta just because it is cheaper than the others. Or because the price is a bargain. 

When it comes to a spa in Malta, you are most likely not going to get the expected quality. 

At the same time, it is vital not to choose a spa just because it is an expensive one. 

You may have your expectations very high for a place like that, and you may be getting overcharged at the spa. 

When doing your research on a spa in Malta, look for getting quality service and customer satisfaction. Pay a reasonable price in exchange for what you are getting. 

So choosing a spa in Malta for yourself should not depend solely on what you would be paying for it.

Look for good customer service 

Customer service is a massively important element which you should be very aware of when choosing a spa in Malta. 

Let’s say you go to two different places for a pedicure. 

The spa gives the same great pedicure. At one of the spas, the technician is interested in making sure you are comfortable. 

You are obviously going to enjoy yourself much more at a spa in Malta like that. 

You must keep in mind that people who have had a great spa experience will often rave about it online. 

Keep your ears out and your eyes open for these kinds of reviews while doing your research.

Pay attention to online reviews

Similarly when you are doing research on any product or service.
The technological era we are in this day and age gives us the capacity to do some thorough research on the things we intend to purchase, as well as helping us narrow our search down to the best products and services provided on the market.
You can learn a great deal about a business by reading online reviews and taking a good look at ratings.
Do an online search about the spa in Malta to learn about other people’s experiences and get some insider tips which come straight from the source.
When looking at reviews, finding unbiased reviews can be very helpful when deciding which spa in Malta to trust to take care of your skin and body.

Make sure they offer the kind of services that you want 

When looking for the right spa in Malta, it is key to visit the spa’s website or call in and speak to someone directly to check out what services the spa in Malta offers.

The latter is also a great way to gauge a spa’s friendliness and customer service.

On their site, spas usually have a “menu” listing their services as well as prices. 

It is crucial to note that some smaller day spas may not have a service that you are interested in.

So you may want to check and see if they have any specific services that you are looking for. 

A full-service day spa or med spa in Malta are more likely to offer body wraps, laser, facial treatments, botox and therapeutic massages but the cost might be higher.

Menu of services

It is key to pay special attention to the menu of the spa.
Most spas will post their menu of services online or in a brochure that you can pick up on a visit.
So when looking for a spa in Malta, take some time to review the menu carefully and take a look at pricing options in comparison with the options offered.
If you plan on getting multiple treatments in one visit to the spa in Malta or you want to get a monthly spa treatment, do not forget to ask about any loyalty discounts or memberships that can help you save some money while at the spa.


Many spas are centred around a particular theme and may specialize in a certain area, such as advanced bodywork treatments, medical-grade services, facial treatments, or holistic treatments, massage experiences.
So when researching a spa in Malta, find out what the spa’s speciality is and what their signature services are.
In this way you can choose a destination that will help you achieve your skin care and wellness goals in the spa in Malta.

Spa treatments

Take your pick of a large range of different techniques which are the specialties of a number of the spas around the island during your holidays in Malta.

Acupressure Massage

This is a traditional Chinese medicine technique derived from acupuncture

Acupressure is sometimes referred to as pressure acupuncture which is thought to be acupuncture without the needles.

According to traditional chinese medical theory, there are a number of acupressure points that exist along channels in your body. 

These connect specific organs or networks of organs, and organise a system of communication throughout your body.

Through effective stimulation of these points, the body will trigger its own self-healing or regulatory mechanisms. 

This massage can help manage symptoms like Headache, Menstrual cramps, and muscle tension perfect to try out during your spa in Malta.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

If you suffer from serious chronic muscle pain and tension or you are seeking to help the recovery process from an injury, this is definitely the therapy for you. 

At the beginning of a deep tissue massage, lighter pressure is generally applied by the massage therapist in order to warm up and prepare the muscles. 

The common techniques that are applied include stripping and friction.
The first feels like a deep, gliding pressure along the length of the muscle using the elbow, knuckles, forearm, and thumbs. 

The second involves pressure which is applied across the grain of a muscle to release tension and realign tissue fibers.

Although this can at times feel uncomfortable, this therapy targets the deep layers of muscle.
In this way it is able to break down the tissue which is causing the pain or inflammation, helping you to recover better.


This involves a classic massage technique with long strokes and kneading, but uses essential oils, which derive from plant material to achieve different purposes. 

These oils used in aromatherapy are then absorbed through the skin and release a lovely perfume which you will breathe in. 

Different oils will be used depending upon your personal needs and to achieve different effects. 

you may need calming, energising, or cleansing, all of which require a different combination of oils. 

The therapist also often asks you to smell a few different oils to find out which one most appeals to you.

This is a wonderful therapy for stress relief and deep relaxation.

Ayurvedic Massage

Gain the healing powers of Ayurveda with this therapy, which aims to maintain the health of the mind and spirit. 

Each massage is personalised to each person’s needs, with particular oils, techniques and movements. 

During this massage, your therapist will focus on your pressure points, similar to those used in acupressure. 

This type of massage is great for detoxifying and cleansing your body and mind, as well as improving your overall well-being.

Thai Sawadee 

This focuses on Thai techniques which have developed from ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic healing traditions.

The Thai Sawadee techniques put pressure on specific points on the body using palms and thumbs. This is because it is believed that putting pressure on these points will stimulate the body’s energy lines when combined with gentle stretching and movements. 

In Thailand, therapists sometimes walk on your back or twist you into funny shapes. In America, most practitioners will help your body to stretch by making use of yoga poses in order to help muscles lengthen and become more flexible. 

Abdominal Massage

An abdominal massage involves applying pressure to the stomach and pelvic area. For women, it is usually great to treat a displaced uterus but also to help treat infertility,  hormonal imbalances, bladder problems, painful or irregular periods, and so on. 

It can also be highly beneficial for men who suffer digestive upsets, bladder issues and pain in the pelvic region whilst recovering on a healing spa holiday.


Coming from Indian, the word shirodhara is made up of “shiras” and “dhara”, which mean head and flow.
In fact, the Shirodhara is an ancient form of Ayurvedic technique where warm oil is gently poured down your forehead and scalp in a continuous application. 

This process calms the nervous system and sends you into a deep state of rest, which is similar to meditation.
Interestingly, it is also effective in dealing with mental disorders. 

That is, It is beneficial in relieving symptoms of anxiety, worry, stress, tension, and headaches. 

Stone Therapy and Hot Stone massage

Another message found on most spa menus is the hot stone massage.

Stone therapy is inspired by centuries-old Native American traditional medicine, and this modern massage has quickly caught on around the world. 

The basic treatment incorporates the use of smooth rounded basalt stones, of many shapes and sizes, which are placed on the body. 

These stones are heated in water and retain their heat fairly well. 

This is great as the heat helps warm up your muscles and is very relaxing. As the stones cool down, they are then replaced with other warm stones. 

This ensures that the therapist can reach deeper layers of tissue. 

When done well, hot stone massage is great. However, it is a special skill that not all therapists have, so be careful when picking your therapist and the quality will most likely vary substantially. 

With the full body massage, you can boost your circulation, relieving aching joints, releasing stored tension as well as recharging your battery.

Lomi-Lomi massage 

The Lomi-Lomi evolved from the practices of the shamans in Hawaii.

This hawaiian massage begins by focusing on meditation, and breathing techniques. 

This technique promises deep relaxation, mindfulness, as well as an increase in circulation and reduction in pain.

Then you are coated in oil and massaged with long, repetitive strokes as well as circular and figure-eight-like movements.

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We hope that we have provided you with all the important key points. As well as helpful suggestions when it comes to spas.
Take your time to mull it over and make the right choice for you.