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Busy jobs, different tastes, stressful lifestyles…these things often make us unable to find the right person to travel with.

Nowadays, these reasons are increasing the number of people who travel alone, who decide to make their own plans and activities. For these people, it is not only a trip, but it is a new, unique, and unforgettable experience because you can learn more about yourself outside of your comfort zone. To be alone on a trip makes the difference, as you will probably spend a lot of time thinking about things and gain more independence.

Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Its capital is Valletta with only 6,000 residents. That means that the atmosphere, the culture, the weather, and the amazing beaches around this island make the perfect holiday for everyone.

In Malta, English is an official language, so you should not have any problem with communicating with the locals.

You can find both rocky and sandy beaches. For example, you cannot miss Comino and its famous Blue Lagoon:

There, you will see the most beautiful seascape in Malta. Comino is another island in the archipelago, one which has a natural pool that is turquoise. It is an uninhabited island, but a lot of ferries and boats sail there, especially during the summer months.

The weather in Malta is generally sunny. However, it can rain a lot, especially during the winter months from December to March.

In Malta, you can also visit some museums and parks. Simply choose which one you like the most and go ahead. A popular example is Popeye Village, which is the town/movie set where the famous Robin Williams movie was shot, built exclusively for this purpose. Today, it is a theme park with crystal clear waters, located at Anchor Bay.

Malta’s nightlife style is quite unique. Paceville, situated between St. George’s Bay and Spinola Bay is the most famous party area of Malta. Bars, nightclubs, and casinos are located here. Every night of the year, this area is packed with young people, English students, bachelorette parties, or groups of friends enjoying their holidays in Malta. Most of the clubs have a free entrance and are open until late.

Paceville is really famous among tourists and is seen as a party destination in Europe. So, If you want to know more about this nightlife, don’t wait…book your tickets and live your own experience.

For those tourists who are looking for a religious holiday, Malta is predominantly Roman Catholic. In fact, you can find more than 360 churches in the country. Basically, if you take a walk, you will see a church in every corner.

If you think that Malta is the right destination for your next solo trip, continue reading to learn some tips to keep in mind:

Make Contacts

When you are travelling alone, you have the opportunity to make new friends and contacts during the trip. The best place to do it is at the hotel/hostel where you decide to book your accommodation. Moreover, you can go to public areas and find other travellers, alone or in groups.

Another good way to make friends is by opting for a guided tour. This is a walking tour, defined as a “pay what you feel” tour, based on tips that are paid to the local guide. Normally, the tour guide is funny and spends the tour telling you the history of the respective city with some funny legends and hidden secrets. In Malta, you can find a good one in Valletta.

Leave A Note

If you decide to go out during the night, leave a note in your room with some details, for example, where you are going and with whom, before leaving. Take care if you drink more than your limit, and try not to get drunk. Remember you are alone and you have to be conscious of your decisions.

Love The Gastronomy

If you are alone, you can choose what you want to eat. Take the opportunity to taste something local. Make a list of traditional dishes in the country.

In Malta, you have to try:

  • Ġbejniet
    • Traditional cheeselets, usually made in Gozo.
  • Pastizzi
    • Traditional savoury pastries, usually filled with ricotta or peas.
  • Stuffat tal-Fenek
    • Traditional rabbit stew.

We wish you a nice trip to Malta.