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Public beaches have their benefits, and are quite popular in Malta.

However, life is also about the little luxuries that can elevate your summer experience. 

Imagine the same scenario but add in beach loungers. Cocktails and tasty Mediterranean food, why not? And you have turned a good day into a fantastic one!

Maltese temperatures can exceed thirty degrees and be tough. This is a different story so when you are comfortable on your own shaded sun lounger. Drinking a refreshing cocktail with the food menu in hand and enjoying panoramic views of the Mediterranean staring back at you.

Beach clubs in Malta

In this article we shall elaborate on the beach club experience, and why a beachclub in Malta is so coveted by the tourists and locals alike.
But first let us discuss Malta and what makes it a fantastic island to visit.

About Malta

Malta is an archipelago made up of a set of islands which are located in the Mediterranean Sea, just under Sicily

Known all over the world for its Mediterranean charm which is brought about by its fantastic climate and beautiful landscapes, it is not surprising that these islands are amongst the most popular tourist destinations in Europe

In fact, Malta packs a great deal of variety when it comes to activities that one would not expect in such a small archipelago. 

From a number of prehistoric temples that make up our remarkable history to numerous hidden coves, and crystal clear beaches that fill the islands with sunny bliss during summertime.

With long summer months and sunshine almost all year round, a beachclub in Malta is a great option to enjoy the islands to the fullest during your holiday on the island.

Here are a few ideas as to what to look for when searching for a beachclub in Malta to get the most out of the clearest, and warmest waters known as the Mediterranean.


A beachclub in Malta often occupies some truly spectacular locations. 

Ideally when picking a beachclub in Malta, you would pick one that has a great location. 

When it comes to living in Malta, the beach is everything.
So picking a beachclub in Malta which is close to its surrounding beaches would be great.

This is because it would give you a varied experience of the outdoors, especially while you are on an island where the sea is the number one attraction.

In fact you will find a beachclub in Malta in the best rocky and sandy coastal spots all over the island. 

Picking a beachclub in Malta which is walking distance from some spectacular beaches would also be ideal. 

In this case, the 1926 hotel is a great option as it is located in one of the main social hubs in Malta, sitting right on the water’s edge down at Qui-Si-Sana Seafront. 

In a great location to boot – Sliema Malta.

Seeing as this particular location is by far one of the more popular and sought after cities in Malta, we shall delve into its charm.

About Sliema

Up till the late eighteenth century Sliema Malta was a rural agricultural area. 

That is, the previously small fishing village of Sliema Malta went through a ton of changes over time, after the eighteenth century.

The town of Sliema Malta, in the heart of the island went from being a summer resort for the british to a large urbanised east coast. 

In  fact, in modern day Malta, Sliema has become one of the major tourist attractions with many quality restaurants and shops. 

It is now home to thousands of residents and it is safe to say that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malta.

That is, there was a lot of commercial development which saw the beautiful stately properties of its past inhabitants replaced by large apartment buildings as well as  modern offices.

But it hasn’t always been like that..

Over the past fifty years or so, this city and the surrounding areas underwent another massive transformation.

However, regardless of this, Sliema still has a very distinct feel to it. 

This particular character which this city possesses cannot be found anywhere else and is highly appreciated by travellers locals alike. 

The current urban environment is made up of stunning villas with gorgeous wooden balconies, traditional Victorian townhouses, mansions in the inner streets. 

Not to mention the high rise apartments built in Sliema Malta, which are attracting holidaymakers from all over the world.

One of its main stunning and unmissable features is its 10km promenade that runs along the north eastern coastline, It is a key commercial district. 

Its coastline extends into around three other cities, towards Ta’ Gżira, Xbiex and also St. Julian’s.

The neighbouring city of St. Julian’s, with its well-known nightlife area in very close proximity to Sliema, while Valletta is nearby as well (and easy to reach with a short fifteen minute ferry trip across Marsamxett Harbour), offering lots of culture, history and places of interest to appreciate.

In fact, it acts as a wide walkway into these three cities and joins them together. Early in the morning you will find lots of people out for a jog on this promenade

With the numerous bars and pubs situated there, Sliema is a very good choice for a holiday in Malta for couples and groups travelling together.

Definitely worth a visit while on your holiday, not only to a fabulous beachclub in Malta, but also to enjoy the city itself.

Read the Reviews

In choosing a beachclub in Malta, one faces many considerations. 

Word of mouth and reviews are the most trusted source to take a decision on which beachclub to use.

On the other hand, sometimes it is extremely fun to take a risk and try out something new. 

This, too, could result in many surprises when it comes to picking a beachclub in Malta.

Amazing food

Sometimes, all we want to do is get a table and eat. 

But it is certainly worth looking at some reviews to ensure that you know what you are paying for. 

In fact, this is the difference between having a good experience and a great one.

When you take time to choose, it leads to great reward.

This is because the fact of the matter is that high quality, delicious food is the magnet that attracts and keeps customers coming back for more and more. 

It is also the most important ingredient in attracting new customers and keeping the old ones at the same time.  

Of course, that is the reason why the best restaurants invest heavily in employing competent and well-experienced chefs. 

This is certainly no exception when you are looking for the right beachclub in Malta to visit.

That is, the food truly is one of the top attractions of every beachclub in Malta.

The food in some of these beach clubs and lidos is second to none and they can genuinely cook some delicious fresh fish and seafood.

So consider the quality of meals before resolving to eat out. 


Sometimes, the beachclub may be stunning but the decor is just not to your taste. 

In that case, go to a place where you enjoy the general atmosphere.

Do they play music? How loudly? Check out the people who go to that particular beachclub in Malta. 

If you find it pleasant to be around these people as you eat your dinner, then go and book a table. 

It certainly would not hurt to have a nice seaside view from the beachclub in Malta. 

In this respect, the 1926 beach club certainly does not disappoint!

Excellent Service

It is a fact that offering first-rate top-notch service is the only sure-fire way to maintain customer satisfaction, keep the new customers coming as well as sustain a loyal customer base made up of older customers who keep coming back for more. 

This is also true when looking for a good beachclub in Malta.

This is because guests want to feel welcome as individuals, not as a big group. 

Sadly, when you go to a beach club in Malta, a number of them do not offer personalized services and this makes them less attractive in the opinion of their clients.

When you find a beachclub in Malta you like, be sure to make an effort and befriend the waiters and waitresses. 

A great tip is to remember to treat them kindly as you would treat your own friends and you will find that you will get even better service all the time.

Sometimes, these waiters are super busy and it might seem like you are demanding a hundred things. 

But the real reason is…

When you see them carrying many things to your table, be helpful, even in the little ways – give them space to place the items.

Take some of the things that are hard for them to place on some sides of your table. 

These may be the littlest of things, but when you help them, they will go out of their way to make sure you are served properly.

Over and beyond this, of course, are beachclub in Malta that have restaurants which have  amazing service all round, regardless of who you are.

Of course, businesses acknowledge that guests want to feel human, and they do not want to feel like simply a number that servers rush out the door to serve in order to maximize profits.

The opportunity to deliver a human experience starts with your hosts and servers.

That is, they are the ones that will engage you, the customers, as soon as you walk through that door. 

Guests want sincerity and positivity; someone that is as excited to serve them as they are to be enjoying a meal out. 

Impeccable Restrooms

This is considered a little, and very obvious aspect of every beachclub, and of every business, so much so that it is often taken for granted. 

However, having a neat, tidy and comfortable restroom is absolutely non-negotiable as far as clients are concerned. 

More so, people use the restrooms to determine whether a beachclub in Malta in particular is worth their hard earned money or not. 

A great beachclub in Malta will go beyond cleanliness. 

In order to get more – both new and returning clients, food beachclubs must be clean.


The sea has truly coloured our history and it colours any visit to the Islands. 

It is sensuous in summer and restless in winter, and always great to be by, in or on. 

Despite some activities being seasonal, there’s always something on offer during all twelve months of the year during your holiday in Malta, and visiting a beachclub in Malta is certainly no exception.

Book a Room

Hotel 1926 is located in the centre of the stunning village of Sliema, Malta. 

It offers a lot of services including a spectacular beachclub in Malta.

The stunning hotel, offers delicious dishes served in the amazing Margaux restaurant, as well as the relaxing spa by Resense.

In fact, it is just walking distance from the ferry from Sliema to Valletta.

The 1926 Beach Club offers the full luxury experience which is everything you need from a proper summer experience. It’s perfect place to enjoy the sea by day and to get the fun started at night.