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Here at 1926 Hotel and Spa we always try to create the best trip for everyone who will be visiting our lovely island with the number of things what to do in Malta.

We try and create the smoothest and more efficient accommodation possible for you to feel at home and welcome. We want you to feel at home for your duration here and there is nothing better than giving you great hospitality, In addition to amazing food, pool, spa, beach resort and finally a list of activities and locations you can visiting while you are here in Malta.

Introduction to what to do in Malta

There is plenty to do here on the island, from beautiful locations, cultural and historical trips, to simply just relaxing, we have got you covered. Firstly, we would like to mention that due to the Coronavirus we advise caution to wherever you go.

The safety of our guests is our number one priority. Always be safe in any location you go to. You can travel and enjoy your time with safety and precaution. This way there will be less anxiety when travelling to new and different locations.

Be sure to check the countries regulations and safety guidelines during your time of travel as they may change depending on the current need. If you require any assistance the staff here at 1926 Hotel and Spa is always ready to help with whatever you need. Feel free to contact us about any problems or situations that may arise and we will help you to the best of our abilities.

Nightlife in Malta

The nightlife due to Covid has changed drastically. With government curfews taking place, a lot of establishments have to close at a specific time. This does not mean that the nightlife in the country has ended.

A lot of restaurants stay open and this is one of Malta’s strong points. The restaurant life is very strong, and a lot of people are now finding themselves in several different eateries trying new things. The capital city is filled with amazing restaurants from a wide selection of cuisines for you to try.

What to do in Malta: Strait Street

Famous old Strait Street is full of restaurants from the beginning to the end of the street. The energy is always a fun one and you will surely find something that you will enjoy. Valletta is filled with restaurants so you can simply walk around and enjoy the sight and find somewhere to eat.

Besides the capital 1926 Hotel and Spa is in Sliema, Malta and here there are also a wide array of different cuisines for you to try. You might have to book from before in order to reserve your spot. Other that you will find anything you want.

What to do in Malta: Paceville

After the whole pandemic can be safely behind us, one of the main attractions of the island is Paceville. This is a place stacked with bars next to bars next to bars, while also having a nice selection of clubs which are free entrance. When it is safe to open them all again, the party and in general vibe is always a fun one and you will surely find people to meet, talk to too and party with!

The bars and clubs are generally not very expensive so a night out should not cost you very much. There are also clubs scattered all over the island, so some parties might be around the island and fare away from Paceville, but a bus or cab won’t cost much and the island is small so you can go from place to place real quick.

Beaches in Malta

The beach life is one of Maltas biggest things. Sea surrounds Malta hence, we get close to 360 days in the Sun. This means that at every opportunity we get, we will go swimming.

There are several locations to pick from. 1926 Hotel and Spa has a beach resort for you to enjoy. Here you can enjoy amazing food and drinks for you and your loved ones and have them brought to you at your own personal sun lounger. The beach resort is also a few minutes walk away from the hotel itself and arrived it is simple and easy.

Malta has a massive sea culture. You can go on boat trips, snorkelling, surfing and more. A lot of tourists frequent many famous beaches so you can expect that the place will be full of energy, music and fun. If you are looking for a more quiet and peaceful beach experience, there are plenty of swim zones that are a bit cut off from the rest of the public.

This could be for a variety of reasons, let it be because they are a bit out of the way, they are harder to reach or they are unknown. You can easily learn about these places with a bit of research and asking around. Again, here at 1926 Hotel and Spa the staff is always ready to help you and will provide assistance whenever we can, however we can.

1926 hotel and spa also offers a beach club in Malta.


One of Maltas biggest attractions is Comino. A lot of tourists and locals alike, love to go to Comino for a day or an afternoon.

This is mainly for them to swim in the Blue Lagoon. This area is a place where the water is as blue as it can get. A truly picturesque location and one which will truly remain as a cherished memory for long.

Catching a ferry to Comino does not cost much and if you so choose you can also opt to have a ferry which takes you around the island to all the different swimming locations.

Malta has a lot of locations where one can swim, it is only a matter of discovering them and getting to them. Comino is something that should not be missed so make sure to put it on your list. The place is beautiful, the sights are amazing and getting it is rather inexpensive.


Malta has a vast cultural sphere. It has taken a little bit from all around. The history of the island on its own is also something to behold. We have a lot of old medieval fortifications around the island and going in one of these is like walking back through the ages.

Knights Hospitalier built Valletta to fend off attackers after the great siege. Other than Valletta we have Mdina which is much older than Valletta, Fort St Elmo, Isla, Birgu, Bormla and others. These are old cities built to house the rich and defend the country when invaders where seen.

Other than that, the British used Malta as a naval and airbase to launch their attacks on Italy and Egypt during the war. It was also a good location to resupply, rest and continue on their journey. A lot of nations have looked to Malta as a resting ground and a door to both Europe and Africa due to its opportune location.

The history of Malta is something to learn and understand because there is so much. From so many different empires and rulers that it is amazing. Next to 1926 Hotel and Spa there is also Fort Tigne. Now including the locally famous Tigne Shopping complex.

Music in Malta

Other than history, the music and cultural scene of the island is booming. There are a lot of venues where bands can perform and where artists can showcase their work. The Maltese are very proud of what the locals put up. Hence, why locals are the number one supporters of their own art. The culture here is one of the things that has been given life in recent years. And something that surely will continue to grow.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, a lot of this has slowed down. However, this only means that it is a consolidation time for artists and bands. Time to think, rest and see to the future what they want to do. A lot of locals are looking forward to seeing what artists and bands have in store. Obviously, for when it is safer and obviously, more profitable to come out with something.

Final Words

1926 Hotel and Spa is situated in a great location in the middle of the island. Perfect opportunity to travel with ease to wherever you go. There are ferries to the Capital, busses run through Sliema and a lot of things are also in walking distance.

Here we only gave you a brief rundown of what to do, but be sure to check for yourself. Always remember to be safe, make sure to enjoy your time in peace and without any anxiety. The beauty of Malta is one to experience by all.

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