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Where To Visit In Malta This Summer?

By 21st March 2022No Comments5 min read

Malta is a beauty all year round, but the allure of the Maltese summer is extraordinary. The country experiences a sharp rise in tourist arrivals in June, July, and August when summer is in all its glory. What are the best summer destinations in Malta? Among a myriad of choices, we have highlighted the summer attractions you can’t afford to miss during your trip.

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon presents a breathtaking image of sparkling turquoise waves crashing over a white-sand shoreline with an almost tropical appearance. It lies in a small waterway sandwiched by the islands of Comino and Cominotto. The lagoon’s center is cordoned off to boats, making it the perfect swimming spot. Lengthwise, the lagoon is comparable to a couple of Olympic-grade swimming pools.

Due to its placid waters, shallow depth, and lack of danger, this lagoon appears to be a giant hot tub. Therefore, you can bring your kids here without any hesitation.

Because of the Blue Lagoon’s natural splendor, a number of filmmakers have chosen to shoot their projects there. Guy Ritchie’s infamous Swept Away, starring his then-wife Madonna, was shot here. The Blue Lagoon was also the filming location of Wolfgang Petersen’s Troy.

How To Visit The Blue Lagoon From 1926 Hotel & Spa

  • By Car: Take Route 1 and drive to the Cirkewwa ferry terminal. It will take about half an hour. Then, take a 15-minute ferry ride to the Blue Lagoon.
  • By Bus: Get to Cirkewwa via Line 13 buses. Takes about two hours to get there. Take the ferry afterwards.

The Citadel

The Citadel is a 16th-century fortification lying in Victoria, the picturesque capital city of the islands of Gozo. Walking through the town, you can glimpse the mysterious past that is only partially disclosed by the surrounding walls dating back a couple of centuries. It’s impossible to get bored in the Citadel, thanks to its maze of narrow streets that lead to quaint shops, old-fashioned restaurants, and cosy cafes.

The biggest attraction of the site is a bird’s eye view of the entire Gozo. A spectacular display of wildflowers and verdant hills covered in lush vegetation will treat you when visiting in the summer and spring. Even in the fall, the sun doesn’t turn around its face from Gozo.

Besides taking in the mindboggling views of Gozo and the Mediterranean, you can visit the museums in Victoria to learn about the glorious history of the archipelago.

How To Visit From 1926 Hotel & Spa

  • By Car: Drive to Cirkewwa ferry terminal and catch the Cirkewwa-Mgarr ferry. Get off the ferry at Ghajnsielem. Drive to the Citadel via Tariq L-Imgarr. The whole commute will take about one and half hour.
  • By Bus: Take a Line 13 bus to Cirkewwa. Get on the Cirkewwa-MGarr ferry and get off at Ghajnsielem. Then, take a Route 307 bus to Victoria Bay 1. Take a 12 minute walk from there and you will get to the Citadel. Total commute time will be around 3 hours.

The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto boasts exquisite scenery, making it a must-visit tourist attraction in Malta. It is a network of sea caves where the caves light up in bright blue colours on sunny days as the sunrays bounce back off the bleached sandy floor of the ocean. So, there’s no time better than summer to experience this natural marvel in southeast Malta.

As you can imagine, the name Blue Grotto comes from the blue light the caves illuminate themselves in under bright sunlight. There are seven caves here, including a 30-meter tall limestone arch.

This is an excellent place for divers who love underwater exploration among a wide variety of marine life. Scuba divers and snorkelers can enjoy a stunning aquatic environment just a few feet from the shore at a depth of approximately 23 feet.

How To Visit From 1926 Hotel & Spa

Drive to the Blue Grotto via Route 1 in less than half an hour. We recommend taking a taxi there, if you don’t want to rent a car. There is no direct bus route to Blue Grotto from Sliema.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is Malta’s most famous sandy beach, and it graces the northwestern part of the Maltese archipelago. The beach gets its name from its vast stretch of golden sands. A 17th-century watchtower built by the Knights of Malta perches precariously above the beach, surrounded by natural dunes and craggy cliffs. Yellow-orange sands give way to shallow blue-green waters that gradually deepen.

Many people flock to this scenic bay for various reasons, not just to cool off in the water and soak up some rays. It’s a beach frequented by both local and foreign travellers because of the wide variety of water sports and activities available.

How To Get To Visit From 1926 Hotel & Spa

  • By Car: It’s only a half hour drive away from the hotel via Route 1.
  • By Bus: Take a line 13 bus to Mellieha.  If you take a taxi from the Mellieha bus station it will take you less than 10 minutes to reach the beach. Overall, it will take you an hour to get to Golden Bay from our hotel if you take a bus.


It’s hard to find a more authentic Mediterranean experience than Marsaxlokk in Malta. It’s a south Malta fishing village that centres around a natural harbour. Exploring the famous Marsaxlokk fish market, tasting fresh seafood, taking a dip in the St. Peter’s Pool-there’s a lot to do here in a one-day trip.

The landscape of this tiny seaside town is punctuated with low-rise buildings and small roads. Most of the Maltese fishing community live here, and their traditional Iuzzo boats add a bright splash of colour to the scenery. The village also has several landmark sites like the St Lucian’s Tower, the Delimara Lighthouse, and the Marsaxlokk Parish Church.

How To Visit From 1926 Hotel & Spa

  • By Car: Drive to Marsaxlokk via Road 1. Will take no more than half an hour.
  • By Bus: There is no direct bus to Marsaxlokk from Sliema. Go to Valetta first in a Route 13 bus, and get on a Route 82 bus to reach Marsaxlokk. Under normal road conditions, it will take less than an hour.