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The mental, physical and spiritual impacts that travelling has on couples is astonishing. Travelling makes us feel alive. The present change in daily routine, the exploration factor, and the bonding in a relationship make us feel good. Is there anything more invigorating than when you’re abroad and you have this deep urge to live life to the fullest, be present and enjoy the moment with whomever you’re travelling with? 

They say that couples who travel together stay together. Is there scientific proof that concludes that the benefits of travelling the world positively affects relationships too? The answer is yes. 

A 2015 study found that couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships compared to those who do not. (And what makes a happy relationship if not binding over new memories you’ll cherish and keep in your heart forever?) Travel has long-term benefits for couples, travel helps build and maintain relationships and that travel ignites romance and intimacy. 

The facts clearly speak for themselves but in what specific ways does travelling positively impact a couple’s relationship? In this article, we’ll be diving into all the reasons why you and your partner should book that stay as early as you can, no matter how casual your relationship is. 

Travelling is a Stress Reliever 

Travelling is a way of escaping the stresses of life, taking a break from the works and grinds. The thing about stress is that some way or another, it affects all of us. Our commercialist, modern society is centralised around working long hours and finding new ways to make more money. It is understandable that some couples may find it difficult to keep the stress out of the relationship here and there.

It is important to know when to tone it down a notch when it gets out of hand. Luckily, travelling is a significant stress reliever. For some couples, in fact, travelling isn’t so much about discovering new places as it is about finding a way to escape the negative impacts of daily life. As it turns out, even planning a trip has the ability to fill you with a sense of enthusiasm, joy and relief.

The act of spending time to discover new places around the globe will provide you with that much-needed space for yourself to relax and unwind. With new fresh air and warm sunshine to take in, travelling will increase the oxygen in your blood, give you more energy, and ward off stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling more recharged than ever before. And is there anything better than the feeling of rejuvenation you can feel with your significant other? 

Couples Are Educated Together

When you travel to a place where you don’t speak the language, an opportunity to challenge your mind and intellect begins the moment you step off the plane. Soon enough, you are required to learn the basic pleasantries and phrases that will allow you and your partner to get around, communicate get help freely with locals. Alas, there is nothing more rewarding than a successful conversation in a foreign language (Even if it just is about asking for directions). With every new word you pick up, you automatically unlock the potential to talk to a wider group of people and understand the different cultural aspects and elements that make them who they are. 

Learning something new is always rewarding and makes us better people in general. The learning experience bonds couples together and offers them the chance to revel in newer, vaster knowledge as they open their minds and hearts to the world before them. In the long run, sharing freshly acquired skills and knowledge will connect couples on a deep intellectual level. It will also mean that they’ll simply have more to talk about. Sharing knowledge means that you’re constantly bringing something original and creative to the relationship.

Have you recently learnt a new way of cooking a classic meal when abroad? Have you met some enlightening locals who have shared their insights and life mantras on your past travels? Has going abroad instilled a new skill or talent in you somehow? If this is the case, you’re in luck! Sharing all this with your partner will strengthen your intellectual connection greatly. 

Couples Stay Present with Each Other 

Exploring a new country means having to live in the moment. Take in all of the details you won’t want to miss. Travelling gives you the chance to get out of your head, leave your worries behind and be present in the real world. This is due to the fact that when abroad, you’ll be visiting new places, revelling in new sights and tasting and smelling flavours and scents you’ve never experienced before. If living in the moment and being mindful of the present isn’t extremely important in a relationship whenever is it really? 

When it comes down to it, the very nature of relationships is to think and plan ahead for the future. As healthy as this can be, living in the future rather than the present can harm a relationship, giving rise to doubts and worries that aren’t really beneficial for both partners. Couples who had travelled together were used to not worried about what was going to happen next. They were consumed and captured by the intensity of the wonderful moments experienced with each other.

The people who travel, however, appreciate the value of living in the moment. Experiencing a new country tends to pull our minds towards the present. You become more capable of handling even uncomfortable situations where arguments are at a rise. Travelling teaches you to ground yourself and focus on the now above anything else. Couples who travel the world know there is no need to overflood the mind and all its vast capacities. What’s taking place in the present moment is always enough.

Communication Abilities Significantly Increase 

Couples who travel together agree better and have fewer disagreements. Travelling puts couples in situations where they have to rely and depend on each other to survive. The fact that a couple is in another country means that they will have to put in more effort to communicate and get by. 

When unexpected happenings come up, you have to think fast and wing out the challenges together. Unexpected occurrences take place at home, but also when you’re abroad. Indeed, being on holiday doesn’t rule out the probability of an emergency or difficult situation to come up. However, that is when communication skills improve dramatically and fast. In reality, having to deal with something unexpected on holiday will make it much more easy to deal with a problem back home. If you’re able to face your obstacles with a partner when abroad, what can be that difficult to overcome when you’re living your daily routines back home? 

Travelling together also means it’s worlds easier to plan ahead and troubleshoot the day to day stuff. This includes supportive issues such as having someone to watch your bags when you need to go to the bathroom, giving the other person the freedom to decide what to do and where to go when you feel like giving something back, and more. There are two brains that function with one another in a relationship. Practising significant communication techniques such as patience, listening, giving and receiving feedback, solving problems and more is extremely fruitful in any relationship. 

Travelling Enhances the Us vs the World Mentality 

Name any mantra more important in any relationship. If you can’t think of a better one, we completely understand. In a relationship, feeling as though it’s you and your partner vs the world is healthy as it reinforces the idea that, when all goes wrong, you have each other. 

Being alone in another country, having to turn to each other for companionship and having to take care of and look out for each other reinforces this belief. Travelling as a couple makes you get used to thinking as a team. This is especially true when you are trying to navigate unfamiliar destinations, communicate with locals and handling situations. The more often you’re both placed in trust-inducing circumstances, the stronger your relationship grows. When the ‘us against the world’ mentality kicks in when abroad, you start to cohere into having just one purpose and objective; it’s no longer only about your well-being, it’s about the well-being of your significant other as well.

Travelling Reveals Who You Really Are 

There’s no better way to show your partner who you really are and what you stand for than to travel to a new place alone together. Constantly being with your partner would expose couples to how they handle situations. The way you deal with things will come to the surface when you’re spending more time with your partner. It merely prepares you for a long-term situation with your significant other, especially if your relationship is just in the earlier stages. 

Since you are together most of the time, there is a little space for keeping hiding who you really are. There are no facades and you have to appreciate your partner the way he or she is. Travelling reveals a lot about a person. You’ll find yourself discovering a lot about who you’re within another country.

Travelling Opens Up the Door to Romance

Midnight walks on the beach, wine under the stars, romantic dinners, new places to talk – everything about travelling screams romance. Travelling is extremely pleasurable for couples. Romance goes beyond what we normally watch on cinema screens or read in any book. As a travelling couple, you will live the romance out of spontaneity and a state of mind that you could end up taking you anywhere and give you the chance to create new memories. It is never about the money but the experience that travelling together could bring. 

For your next holiday, make sure to spend some time with your partner doing things that spark romance. Treat yourself to a change of sights and things that spark your senses in new ways. A stop at a spa, a candlelight dinner or a walk past a well-loved attraction is something your partner will find difficulty saying no to.

Stay With Us

Now that you’re aware of the significant amount of positive impacts that travelling will leave on your relationship, the next step is to book your next holiday and stay with your significant other. Strengthen your relationship, boost your connection with your partner by staying 1926 Hotel & Spa in Sliema, Malta. From relaxing and rejuvenating spa time to romantic dinners, you’ll leave our luxurious accommodation feeling more bonded than ever.