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Wonderful experiences to have in Sliema, Malta

By 15th July 2021December 8th, 2023No Comments10 min read

Malta is an archipelago which is made up of a number of islands located in the centre of the mediterranean. 

This set of islands makes for an amazing holiday destination. 

In this article, we shall elaborate on the various historical landmarks, as well as amazing attractions to experience while on your holiday in Malta, putting emphasis on Sliema Malta.

About Sliema

Interestingly, up till the late eighteenth century Sliema Malta was a rural agricultural area. 

That is, the previously small fishing village of Sliema Malta went through a plethora of changes over time, after the eighteenth century.

The town of Sliema Malta, in the heart of the island has become a large urbanised east coast. 

In modern day Malta, Sliema Malta has become one of the major tourist attractions with many quality restaurants and shops. 

The current urban environment is made up of stunning villas with gorgeous wooden balconies, traditional Victorian townhouses, mansions in inner Sliema Malta streets. 

Definitely worth a visit while on your holiday in Malta.

Not to mention the high rise apartments built in Sliema Malta, which are attracting holidaymakers from all over the world.

That being said, in this article we shall talk about the top things to see and do in Sliema Malta while on your holiday in Malta.


There are a number of spectacular events and festivals which Malta features a number of times a year which will make your holiday in Malta more exciting. 

We will elaborate further on these popular events you can attend in Sliema Malta while you are on your holiday in Malta.

Sliema Art Festival

Every summer, the Sliema local council organises a three day art festival in Sliema Malta which would be very exciting to visit during your holiday in Malta. 

A variety of local and foreign artists will participate in the festival.

These bring the city of Sliema Malta to life with colourful street art as well as some spectacular music performances by The New Victorians, Electro Swing Malta and so on. 

Some of which are retained for the entire duration of the summer on the Sliema promenade and on the rocky beaches on the Sliema front. 

There are also various food stalls which are set up along the promenade, making this an ideal place for families to gather and enjoy the event in Sliema Malta. 

Tower Road is full of shops, restaurants, banks, supermarkets, Internet cafes, and day cruise boats.’

The road continues north to St. Julians and Paceville and southward towards the fabulous areas of the Strand Gzira, Ta Xbiex , Msida and Valletta.

Great to see on your holiday in Malta.

Malta Street Art Festival

This festival is an amazing three day experience that people from all over the world come to Sliema Malta specifically because they want to experience it during their holiday in Malta. 

The Malta Street Art festival is a wonderful festival which features a number local and international participating street artists and five areas of stunning art, music and entertainment. 

These participating artists include cyclists, performers, musicians, skateboard showoffs, a Mini Malta Comic Convention, and a group of talented street artists created their own little masterpieces.

In the past, this event was set in three different places. The first area was the promenade.

The second area was the main stage at Independence Gardens. 

The third area was Rock the Beach closeby. 

Perfect on your holiday in Malta.


Christmas Market

There is an exclusive tour which only happens in the Christmas season in the year which you should definitely visit during your holiday in Malta.

This amazing market occurs in a major residential and commercial area which is a centre for shopping, bars, dining, and so on. 

The Sliema Christmas Market features a wide range of stalls which sell a wide variety of products.

These are obviously gorgeous seasonal gifts like decorations,  jewellery, last-minutes gifts, as well as homemade goodies, mulled wine, and local produce, crafts.

This event also gives you the facility to visit the most beautifully decorated places.which will leave you in awe of the beautiful atmosphere in the streets.

This atmosphere which you can only feel this time of the year is a magical experience which you should definitely experience on your holiday in Malta.

Hop-on Hop-off bus

Using hop-on-hop-off buses is a great way to explore Malta and visit the most interesting places in a quick and inexpensive way to experience your holiday in Malta. 

There are plenty of these buses that leave from Sliema Ferries Terminus every half hour from 9:00am to 15:00pm on weekdays, as well as from 9:00am to 14:00pm on Sundays. 

A full day ticket costs €20.

Great to experience during your holiday in Malta.


Blue Lagoon, Crystal Lagoon and Comino

The islands of Gozo and Comino are two gorgeous islands that lie just off the north coast of Malta.

You can easily find a number of  full-day cruises which set sail from Sliema to both islands in one day. 

These often include a sightseeing tour of the stunning landmarks including the Fungus Rock, and the Inland Sea. 

Many of these cruises also include a tour to the Comino Caves, the Blue Lagoon, as well as the lesser-known Crystal Lagoon.

These are stunning places which feature beautiful turquoise waters clearer than a swimming pool.

That is definitely not to be missed while on holiday in Malta on a hot summer’s day.

Then a number of stops are made which allows for plenty of time to dive into the sea and snorkel or sunbathe on the deck.

Some other cruises would include a catamaran trip and explore some of the prettiest areas in and around Malta. 

Definitely a great option on your list of things to do while you are on your holiday in Malta.

Historical Landmarks


Religion plays an extremely pivotal role in the daily life of many locals in Malta.

This is the reason that Malta is peppered with churches and chapels.

There are so many that essentially there is one for every day of the year – 365 churches on the island. 

Sliema Malta is no exception to this rule.

The list below shall prove that.

Saint Patrick’s Church

This is a beautiful church which is hidden in small inner streets and the space itself is charming. 

It’s worth getting inside because of the gorgeous interior of the glittering gilding.

Officially inaugurated in 1905, this Church offers a daily liturgical service in english for locals and visitors. 

Definitely a must see on your list of things to do while on holiday in Malta.

Jesus Of Nazareth Parish Church

The origins of the Jesus of Nazareth church can be traced back to the 2nd half of the ninteeenth century.

This was when three Valletta born priests who said mass and received confessions in a ground floor room of their private chapel in their house began to notice that the congregation was increasing rapidly. 

So they set about to provide more space for the faithful. 

Long story short, in the late eighteenth century the parish church of Jesus of Nazareth was built. 

This stunning church holds a great wealth of beauty, and religious artefacts.

Truly a must-see place in Sliema Malta while on your holiday in Malta.

Stella Maris Church

The Stella Maris parish church is a 16th century chapel located in Sliema Malta which is a great place to see during your holiday in Malta.

Its architecture is a mix of elements from a number of different periods, the most evident being – Roman, Early Christian, Renaissance, Venetian and Victorian. 

It is a simple Latin cross plan church, with a typical Late Victorian three-bayed façade.

The church suffered severe damages during World War II on 2 March 1942 during a German air raid. 

Although, thankfully, through the efforts of the parishioners repairs started immediately, and by December of that same year, the church was partially opened again.

Most notably the apse painting by Giuseppe Calì and the Titular statue of Our Lady Stella Maris that was brought to Sliema from Paris in 1891. 

Among the other stunning works of art in this church, one can also find the seventeenth century titular altar painting which represents the Holy Family  attributed to the circle of Stefano Erardi, who was considered one of the finest and most talented Maltese painters of the late seventeenth century. 

If you’re visiting Sliema Malta during the summer months, your holiday in Malta will definitely coincide with one of the village feasts taking place in each locality. 

One of the most prominent feasts being celebrated in August is the Stella Maris feast, which is also known as the Feast of Our Lady Star of the Sea.

This statue is carried in procession yearly throughout the streets of Sliema Malta on the 3rd sunday of August when this Feast is celebrated with great pomp.

So be sure not to miss it as this is a fascinating find while on your holiday in Malta!

Parish Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

This is a stunning neo-gothic gem in Balluta Bay Overlooking the waterfront of Sliema, the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel stands out from a row of surrounding buildings both for its size and beautiful design. 

The Carmelite Church was originally a small chapel built in 1859. 

It was then rebuilt in 1877 in the Gothic revival style, but also maintained the two traditional Baroque towers on the facade, which is a common feature of maltese churches.

Later, the Church was transferred to the Carmelite monks, who rebuilt it in 1900, and it was expanded on and turned into a parish later.

This should definitely be on the top of your list of things to do in Sliema Malta while on holiday.

Our Lady of Divine Grace

This is a tiny, and often neglected chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health or, in Maltese, il-Madonna tas-Sliem.

The chapel’s simplicity is part of its charm. 

This chapel in Sliema Malta holds two prestigious paintings by the renowned Cavalier Calabrese, Mattia Preti (1613-1699).

This is wonderful because this particular artist was the one who decorated the spectacularly designed ceiling of St. John’s Co-cathedral in Valletta.

The first painting can be seen upon entering the church, on the right – there is the lovely painting which is one of the most charming large paintings of his entire opus.53 collection. 

Preti recounts the story of the Holy Family’s flight into Egypt to escape the anger of King Herod as described in the Gospel of St. Matthew.

The second is an autographed painting hanging opposite the first painting at the church of the Virgin of Divine Graces in Sliema Malta. 

The subject centres around the Christian belief on guardian angels and how that each person on earth has a special angel who guides them in life. 

In this particular painting, the monumental angel immediately catches the attention of the onlooker. 

The figure looks upwards for divine help in keeping the young child away from the danger surrounding him. 


Salesian Theatre

This is the oldest theatre in Sliema Malta as it was built in 1907 as a classical proscenium-arch theatre.

it has evolved over the years and now has several performance areas.

Over the years it has closed down, restored and reopened with ambitions to become one of the cultural focal points in Sliema Malta, and also in Malta as a whole.

There are a combination of different styles of shows that are on show in this theatre. 

These include classical shows, contemporary art exhibitions, plays, and so on. 

There is also stunning artwork by a Maltese born painter Giuseppe Cali which is used to decorate the walls of the Salesian Theatre in Sliema Malta.

Stay with Us

Hotel 1926 is located in this stunning village of Sliema, Malta. 

It offers a lot of services. These include, the stunning hotel, delicious dishes served in the amazing Margaux restaurant, as well as the relaxing spa by Resense.

Due to its convenient location, you will be able to visit any corner of the island in a matter of hours

It is just walking distance from the ferry from Sliema to Valletta, which in turn, will only take around 15 minutes and it is a very beautiful ride.