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Malta Tour Essentials: The Must-Visit Spots In Malta

By 15th February 2022December 8th, 2023No Comments5 min read

Malta is a popular filming location for Hollywood directors because of its dreamy landscape and surreal landmarks. There are so many places in Malta that will leave you in awe. Here are Top magical must visit spots in Malta you can find. Make sure not to miss any one of these when you are visiting the country. 


People come to Malta mostly for its alluring beaches and glorious sunshine. But, the archipelago is much more than that. Mdina is one of the best inland treasures that await you in Malta. As soon as you enter the city, you will feel like you have stepped off a time machine and gone back to medieval times. 

The city stands on a hill and retains the originality of its building time. A wonderful world of car-free streets and beautiful old sandstone structures exists within the city’s vast, medieval walls. When you throw in the incredible views of the whole island of Gozo, you would get from the city, you’ll instantly realize why Mdina is so special. 


Rabat stands by the fortifications of Mdina. The cities are so close to each other that many treat them as the same urban area. Also known as Victoria, Rabat is the capital city of Gozo and like its neighboring city of Mdina, it lies atop a hill as well. Since it’s located in central Gozo, Rabat has earned the moniker ‘’Crown of Gozo.’’

The word “Rabat” means “suburb” in the native dialect. Rabat is not so well known as Mdina, it also lacks some of the modern amenities of Mdina. When it comes to historical landmarks, however, it can rival the offerings of Mdina.  

Casa Bernard, a beautiful 16th-century mansion that once belonged to an aristocratic Maltese family of French ancestry, is one of the secret treasures of Rabat. The Domvs Romana Museum will take you back to the days of the Roman Empire. The Church of St. Paul’s, the Wignacourt Museum, and the St. Dominic’s Convent are some of the other highlights of Rabat. All these make Rabat on of the must visit tourist spot in Malta. 

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a breathtaking combination of pristine blue waves and a ravishing white-sand seabed in a sub-tropical setting. It is the ultimate swimming destination in the archipelago with its soothing waters, child-friendly shallow ends and barely existent currents. Think of it as a natural swimming pool in the heart of paradise!

A tiny spread of majestic white sand by the lagoon has made it even more magical. If you are not much of a swimmer, you can rent a beach chair and an umbrella and simply take in the mesmerizing views of the spot. You can also explore the surrounding hills and the trails running through those. Besides a swimming and snorkeling haven, The Blue Lagoon also has some of the best nature hike options in the country. 


Valletta is the capital of Malta. It has experienced a myriad of significant events throughout its existence, including the Great Siege of 1565 when the mighty Ottoman army fell back to the resistance of the Knights Hospitaller. The city, which sits on an Eastern Malta peninsula and has roughly 6000 residents, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travellers will have little trouble moving around this well-planned small city, which is flanked by two waterways: the Grand Harbor and the Marsamxett Harbor. Saint John’s Co-Cathedral, a 16th-century church constructed by several Orders of the Knights, stands in the city centre. The beautiful interior, with its lavish gilded design, astounds millions of visitors that come to admire its beauty from many parts of the world.

The colossal Grandmaster’s Palace, which was previously the residence of the Knights of Malta, 

is a brief walk away from the St. John’s Co-Cathedral. This building houses magnificent artworks that depict the knights’ military heroics and an armoury. Valletta is a spot you wouldn’t want to miss if you love history and culture. 

The Hypogeum

The Hypogeum is a fascinating collection of underground burial chambers that was excavated in 1902. This necropolis, which has been recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, dates back to the Neolithic era. The enthralling image of the prehistoric world this archaeological site presents leaves the visitors awestruck. 

The linked overlapping chambers, made from limestone with rock tools, features three levels of stairs and passageways. The “Holy of Holies” chamber is a must visit spot in Malta, which is more than 10 meters beneath the doorway to the first level at the top, is on the lowest level. Thanks to the hypogeum, Archaeologists and historians have discovered significant hints about the Neolithic lifestyle, culture, and values. It’s a unique relic of a long-gone civilization. 

Hagar Qim

Hagar Qim is one of the best-preserved historic landmarks in Malta and one of the country’s several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The site offers an astonishing ambience as it rests on top of a seaside hill. From here, you can savour a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and Filfla, a tiny uninhabited island, which is the southernmost point of Malta. 

The ancient site, which was built sometime around 3600 BC to 3200 BC, was hidden underground until it was found in 1839. The stunning entrance is made up of two horizontal boulders holding a stone-made lintel. Hagar Qim’s greatest megalith is more than seven meters long and exceeds 20 tons in weight. 


Mellieha is home to the largest beach in Malta and the iconic Popeye Village. Does the name Mellieha sound a bit Middle-Eastern to you? It’s because the name comes from Arabic, which means ‘’salt’’. Perhaps, the town was named so because of its proximity to the sea. You will find a handful of seaside hotels here to stay and restaurants to dine in by the magnificent Mediterranean.

The Popeye Village in Mellieha is a fun spot to spend the day for families touring with children. This beautiful tourist site began as a film set for the 1980s Hollywood film Popeye starring Robin Williams and has since grown to become one of Malta’s most popular tourist destinations.

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