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Malta is the ideal place to visit to wash away the stress of your hectic life and revitalize yourself. The archipelago has a lot to offer. Besides a plethora of historical sites and scenic natural beauties, Malta boasts all desirable amenities tourists desire to make their vacations even more delightful. We look forward to our holidays for relaxing our body and mind, and for many, the spa is the perfect gateway to reach the optimum level of serenity. So, what can you expect at a spa in Malta?

World-class spa services are one of the many delights you can indulge in during your stay in Malta. With reasonable prices, excellent customer service, and a variety of treatment options, the Maltese spa experience is everything you would hope for. Here are some of the premium spa offerings you can enjoy in Malta:

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a therapeutic massage that involves the use of heated stones, as the name implies. The masseuse places the stones on different parts of your body and moves them along your skin, applying a decent amount of pressure. In doing so, the stiff muscles in your body loosen up, and inflammations reduce.
The smoothness of the stones creates an intriguing sensation across your body. The concentrated heat and weight of the stones break up muscle tension and relieve pain. Therefore, the therapist can apply substantial pressure without causing distress. Sometimes therapists also use cold stones alongside hot ones. The combined use of hot and cold stones can be very effective in relaxing swollen blood vessels.

Basalt river rocks are popular choices for hot stone massages because of their smooth surfaces and superior heat retention abilities. The masseuse would heat the stones around 43⁰C-54⁰C (110⁰F-130⁰F) before the procedure. Adequate safety measures are taken to prevent burns in the skin. Afterward, the therapist will maneuver the stones over your skin targeting key energy points for instant relief.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

Heat has been a familiar way to mitigate pain and soreness in medical science for centuries. It boosts blood flow to your limbs and makes your movements more agile. The hot stone massage is quite beneficial for those who are struggling with inflammation and body pain. It also works wonders as a stress reliever since it triggers crucial energy points.

Stone massage

As your muscles become more relaxed, your ability to have a sound sleep also increases. Many of us suffer from dysfunctional sleep cycles because of our busy lifestyles. Getting proper sleep is essential to maintain a high quality of life. The hot stone massage profoundly benefits insomniacs. With more sleep, your risks of developing autoimmune diseases fall substantially.

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Bamboo Massage

Bamboo is one of the most beneficial botanical specimens known to humankind. We use it for food, construction material, weapon, and medicinal purposes. The therapeutic applications of bamboos, however, came to the fore in more recent years. Lately, the bamboo massage has become very popular worldwide because of its physical, mental, and beauty benefits.

A bamboo massage is usually performed with a hollow bamboo. The length of the cane varies depending on the modality. For gliding strokes, the therapist will pick longer canes. For working on specific body regions, smaller canes get the nod. The bamboo cane eliminates the need for any physical contact between the therapist and the client. But, you can expect a deeper, stronger massage.

If the client wants, the bamboo massage can also integrate Thai and Ayurvedic methods. To activate acupuncture spots, some masseurs blend Shiatsu techniques into the procedure. Bamboo massage is a unique approach to give deep tissue massage that can produce a deep sense of relaxation. It can also remarkably mimic Swedish massage style deep strokes.

Bamboo Massage Benefits

Like any other spa massage, the bamboo massage can remedy stress and anxiety. It’s a holistic therapy that can simultaneously uplift your physical and mental well-being. A special advantage you can get from bamboo massage sessions is an improved skin texture. The silica in bamboos infuses the skin with nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
It also releases anti-oxidants that grant you wrinkle-free skin. Other than that, bamboo massage can help with eczema and psoriasis. It boosts sleep quality and enhances clarity of thought. The therapist can also recommend this procedure for detoxifying your body. Bamboo massage can stimulate the production of endorphins and alleviate pain and inflammation.

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Thai Massage

The Thai Massage is an ancient therapy that is as relevant in today’s world as it was thousands of years ago. It’s so productive that even professional athletes get it to maintain their fitness and reduce injury risks. In Thailand, this massage is known as Nuad bo-rarn. It roughly translates to ‘’ancient massage’’ or the ‘’ancient healing method.’’
Thai massage calms the entire body by applying soft touch and stretching techniques. Those who are accustomed to Swedish or shiatsu massages would find the Thai approach very unique. Thai massage is a more interactive massage that requires the client to be more active, as opposed to lying idle on the bed.
You lie on a mat on the floor rather than a massage table as the therapist works on your body in several ways to improve organ functionality and range of motion. Thai massage professionals will put you through a sequence of poses using their hands, feet, legs, and knees. The stretches are quite similar to yoga poses. Therefore, you can expect yoga-like benefits from getting a Thai massage.

Thai Massage Benefits

Thai massage has miraculous effects on increasing the flexibility of our body. It blends pressure, reflexology, and stretching to make muscle and joint movement more effortless. This can help with posture also. Aids in the relief of back discomfort. Thai massage focuses on parts of the body that can cause back pain, such as the inner thigh and belly.
Scientific evidence suggests that Thai massage is a fruitful measure to remove stress. A 2015 paper found that Thai massage clients have a lower level of stress hormones. Thai massage is more helpful than simply sleeping at lowering stress in healthy persons, according to the researchers. It is also quite useful for patients suffering from chronic migraine pain.

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Reflexology is a form of massage that focuses on the feet, hands, and fingers. Even though the action area is limited within these regions, the entire body reaps the rewards of a reflexology massage. Instead of a complete body massage, a reflexology massage therapist will maneuver your hands and feet. The practice has its roots in Chinese medicine.
Four thousand years ago, Chinese physicians identified the feet and the hands as the ultimate activation points of the body. If you relieve tension on these limbs, it will have a domino effect on the rest of the body. According to ancient Chinese belief, reflexology boosts the chi or vitality in a person. Reflexology is also known as acupressure or zone therapy.

woman getting a massage

Reflexologists refer to nerve charts when they attempt to apply pressure to certain body parts. Applying pressure to specific areas in your hands and feet brings comfort to corresponding regions in your body. Physiotherapists might use reflexology in tandem with other procedures for better and faster results. It is low-risk and highly effective.
Reflexology Benefits

Studies have shown a strong correlation between stress alleviation and reflexology. Reflexology can affect more than seven thousand nerve endings. With time, they tend to lose their sensitivity. The function and reactivity of nerve endings, particularly in our lower extremities, can be improved with foot reflexology.
Reflexology can aid the production of serotonin in our brains. Serotonin is a hormone that creates a jovial sensation in our minds and keeps away anxiety. Lower levels of serotonin have been associated with chronic anxiety disorders. Reflexology can also improve your blood circulation and make your vital organs function with utmost efficiency.

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a quick but productive relaxation technique. Also known as Champissage, the Indian Head Massage targets the acupressure points in your head, shoulder, and neck. The therapist will apply circular strokes to comfort these areas. Because of its simplicity, the IHM method has become one of the most sought-after spa services in the world.

Indian Head Message originates from the Ayurveda (The Science of Life), the medicinal system of ancient India that is still prevalent. Ayurveda holds that the mind and body are not separate entities; they are inextricably connected. Therefore, physical wellness brings mental wellness and vice-versa. From this notion, the IHM can bring solace to your mind and body at the same time.

Traditionally, the massage starts from the shoulders. Then, the therapist would move towards the neck and work his way up to the head. In a spa, the massage is made more enjoyable and beneficial with the use of aromatic oils. Coconut and almond oils are the most commonly used, and they are ideal for dry hair.

Indian Head Massages Benefits

The primary reason to get head massages is to get immediate relief from head pain and migraine. It promotes the flow of cerebral fluid and breaks up muscle tension. The hair follicles expand to get more oxygen exposure. The nutrients in the oil further benefit the follicles, which results in more hair growth. The IHM improves blood circulation and eradicates inflammation.

Indian head massage promotes relaxation, which relieves stress and tension in the body. This allows for a profound sense of well-being and composure, which influences your sleep cycle. It makes more oxygen reach your brain, which optimizes your control over it and minimizes anxiety. The massage can also help improve memory.
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Cupping Massage

The hype for cupping massages reached an incredible height in recent years, but it’s one of the oldest therapeutic practices in the world. Ancient Egyptians were aware of this process, and they used it as a holistic treatment measure. When you walk into a spa for a cupping massage, a therapist will apply suction cups to your skin for a couple of minutes.

Cupping massages come in two variations-wet and dry. In both cases, the therapist takes something flammable in a cup, like nail polish, alcohol, etc., and sets fire to it. After the fire gets extinguished, they put the cup on your skin so that the open end of the cup touches your skin. A vacuum creates inside the cup, and it deploys a pulling force on your skin.

The pulling force enlarges the blood vessels and facilitates superior circulation. In more modern cupping therapies, a rubber pump is used instead of fire to create the vacuum. Therapists circumnavigate the cups across your skin to imitate the circular strokes of a conventional massage. Oil is applied to your skin beforehand so that the cups can easily move around.

Cupping Massage Benefits

Cupping can bail you out of arthritis, migraine, and any other kinds of pain. It can reinvigorate arthritis-affected joints and enhance blood circulation. For this reason, cupping therapy can also be of use to rheumatism patients. Since cupping promotes efficient blood flow, it helps to deliver an adequate amount of oxygen to all parts of the body.
Mental healing is another park of cupping. It helps to isolate your mind and improve your focus. Cupping accelerates your recovery from lung ailments like bronchitis, pleurisy, and asthma. Digestive problems can also go away after a few cupping sessions. Moreover, it can keep your skin healthy and beautiful by preventing acne, eczema, and other skin irritations.

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Apart from the aforementioned facilities, you can expect many other deluxe spa services in a posh spa in Malta like the 1926 Hotel & Spa. It’s a premium spa destination that has all the conveniences you would need to make your vacation worthwhile.